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I am very new to all of this and I have been reading through a lot of posts on here trying to figure out where to start. Having read through a lot of posts I am struggling to find domain names which tick all the right boxes.

I am based in the uk and have found some keywords that have an exact search of 4400 local results per month and the competition level is low. However what I would be able to sell on the site only sells for between £5-£15. The CPC on the keywords is only £0.18. Based on the stats above is this a valid site for either Google Adwords or Amazon affiliate? If not are there any other opportunities that it would be good for?

Any advice would be great.
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    Wouldn't be a bad place to start... don't expect to make a bunch of money from it, but it could be your first stepping stone on the way to success... I would say that you will need to Split Test to see whether Amazon or AdWords will convert better... I'd start with AdWords until you build up some traffic before testing... even making 18 cents can give you positive reinforcement and motivation to keep working...

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    I don't think this is a bad place to start either. The important thing is that you ARE STARTING. You will learn so much more my taking the leap on smaller projects than you will by sitting back and planning. As you experience develops you can move on to large projects. Congrats on getting going.
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    Indeed, you can start and learn on the go. You need experience not just information.
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      Sorry to throw a spanner in the works but i wouldn't suggest doing adwords as a beginner unless you have read Perry Marshals work or some expert like that.

      Anyway, Good Luck if you do go for it and let us know how you got on.

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    Go for it!

    It's a great place to start and test the water with paid traffic. Possibly consider facebook ads too!

    Looking further forward - do you think you could create your own product?

    Best of luck.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I have purchased the domain and will give it a go. I think the biggest issue is so much info and where to start so I think your right as long as I can gain some experience I think thats the main thing at this point. I haven't even started reading about making my own products yet but I guess there could be potential in the future.
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    I would guess it would depend on the conversion rate of your product, that is how often it sells compared to number of searches/clicks. Good luck!
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    If you are just learning I would keep away from adwords, you could loose your shirt very easily.

    I would go with Amazon to start with as it's free, until you find your feet, you can always move on from there.

    Frazer Yorke

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    I think you should keep searching as much as you can before starting, because it will help you in future..
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    It is a good way to start. Although do not expect much money coming in, but for launching yourself on the internet, its really good. Information here is helpful, but you may also check for advice on how to earn more from your website.

    Google may take time to accept your adsense account, so submit your application early.
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    You think other people can do it so you can too. Please raise your problem and ask the others to solve the problem here. Hope you will be successful in the future.
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      Picking a path and going with it is never a bad choice, even if you don't make any money, the lessons you will learn by taking action will be incredibly valuable.

      Start slow with PPC though, there is a lot to learn. Always split test. Keep split testing until you find a winner, then invest a little more. Then do some more testing.
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    You should go for that

    Yulia borova
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