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Besides writing articles and linking them to my site, what is the fastest way to build free quality backlinks to my site?
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    well, i started a post just moments before you on /main-internet-marketing-discussion-forum/54060-give-away-free-backlink.html (copy and paste as i cant post links yet). if you are willing to provide backlinks from you sites, please visit that post. i have placed 2 blogs with about 10 pages for you to link back to you site.

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      The usual way of getting back links is to do:
      1. articles
      2. forum posts
      3. blog comments
      4. directory submissions

      Or you could start your own blog farm and get mroe backlinks than ever..

      Its simple (see my sig) , just find some free hosting and setup some blogs, and instant backlinks from different IP addresses..

      Hope this helps

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      Originally Posted by ArthurRose View Post

      Blog comments and spam (blackhat). The latter is not recommended unless you know how to do it without getting banned eventually.
      So is every blog comment spam?
      Of course not!

      If done properly, then you add value to the original post and there is nothing "bad" about it at all.

      If all you do add is junk and a link back, then you add no value and it is spam!

      Don't paint everyone that does blog commenting as blackhat!

      Take care

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      Originally Posted by ArthurRose View Post

      Blog comments and spam (blackhat). The latter is not recommended unless you know how to do it without getting banned eventually.
      That's a bit like answering every post on a forum
      just to get your sig file seen.
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    well, u can post comment on blogs which allow promoting your site. check out my blogs below. they are dofollow blogs which let you add your links
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    Blog commenting, forum posting, directory submission, and high page rank social sites are a great way to get easy free backlinks to our website there are software that do these things for you in bulk but if you want to go the free route you can do it manually.

    Who is Ty Wagner? Find out Here.

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    Also, links from videos posted on youtube and distributed to video directories as well as links from squidoo (you need to put the link in a text module as most of the others are no-follow) and you can also get links from submitting your rss feeds to some of the rss aggregators.

    Gone Fishing
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    Check out a free program called CommentKahuna (do a google search for it). Also, in my sig I have just released a WSO that reveals a lot of the free methods that I use to develop backlinks. There are many free ways to do so!
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    Originally Posted by mikekim2455 View Post

    Besides writing articles and linking them to my site, what is the fastest way to build free quality backlinks to my site?
    The absolute best way is to outsource the article writing and traffic generation to the pros.
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    Like stated above,

    1. articles
    2. forum posts
    3. blog comments
    4. directory submissions

    This is what works for me. But look for high PR sites to do so. It's all in the link neighborhood.
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      Thanks for the thread and help
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    Wordpress blog commenting has been the best for me. Just find some blogs related to your niche, and comment on them according to the post.. so that the comments look real and on-topic.

    Btw, I have a software that does most of the work.. automatically
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      Originally Posted by d3sign3r View Post

      Wordpress blog commenting has been the best for me. Just find some blogs related to your niche, and comment on them according to the post.. so that the comments look real and on-topic.

      Btw, I have a software that does most of the work.. automatically
      what is tha software tha can do that outomatically? give me a link where i can download.


      Free eBook, Step by Step How to Make Your First Website.

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    Great suggestions so far, social bookmarking has worked really well for me as it generates many links to my site over the course of many months. Granted, it does take some time to generate the traffic back to your site within a month, it definitely helps in the long term getting links to your site! Just my 2 cents!
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    You might ridicule me for thisor think im crazy! LOL

    But i just need to get his off my chest! LOL I'm not saying dont get backlinks - just dont forget to optimize your sites before you start your backlink building campaign, you may actually see better results in a much shorter period of time.

    as a noob on this message board i have seen a lot of emphasis on getting backlinks - but am wondering how much time and effort is going into doing basic optimization of the site

    i guarantee the number of backlinks you need to get to see the results in your desired position would in some cases be halfed if a little more time was spent optimizing your sites.

    also this is just my personal view but there is such a thing as getting too many backlinks... think about it for a second, your promoting a little moms and pops store... why on earth would a little 5 page website generate 10,000 backlinks... Google isnt stupid... they know whats happening especially if the backlinks are generated over a very short period of time - they see your trying to exploit certain google algorythms.... your going to get slapped!

    Just imagine if google all of a sudden dropped the relevance of bulk/spam backlinks... LOL that would suck for a lot of people - hopefully they wont.

    FYI i was doing a campaign for a lawyers website here in San Antonio, which is a relativly competitive local market - when i started i found i was running my campaign at the same time as someone else and i could see that this other site was getting between 10 and 100 backlinks daily... yes they where getting listed on the front page of google... 3 months now... the competition is not on the first page of google, or the second or third pages i didnt bother searching after that as its not worth it. My client is still #5 on google with minimal backlinks and a relatively well optimized site - with slighly over a million results. Go figure...

    I guess at the end of the day do what you think is necessary to get your site to the position you want. The only way your going to learn is by researching and implementing, there is certainly nothing wrong with thinking out of the box or developing your own methods/techniques. If i hadn't i wouldnt have any business/clients at all...
    Sorry, I am too busy helping people to think of a cool signature!
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    I think it is also very important to recognize that very successful sites got there over a period of time, and their strategy changed over time. There are many people I have known that tried to buy their way to the top and failed pretty badly.

    What link building really comes down to at the core is getting an ever increasing number of PEOPLE interested in your site. First, you get on the map buy submitting to some directories, posting on some blogs, writing a few articles, or linking in your forum signature. Then you start to get a trickle coming to your site. Then you need work on your site, and make sure people are finding it interesting, maybe signing up in some way, or bookmarking it. Then you you start to have a userbase. You add marketing to that base as part of your "to do" list. You start to reach a point where some hired help is needed because you can't manage it all yourself. You get help in marketing and site building. You start to be noticed by some more important people in the industry. You buy some ads in strategic spots where people in the industry will notice you.

    I just want to emphasize how strategies change, and it is important to understand where you are now, and what you will need to do next. The above is not exact, but rather an illustration of an evolving strategy.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    Hi everybody!

    Maybe this article will help!!!

    How To Build Backlinks To Your Blog

    While no one knows exactly what the formula for search engine rankings is, we do know that it has a lot to do with how many "votes" you have out there on the web. These votes are counted as backlinks. If you think about it, what do you when you find something you really like and want to share with others? You link to it! That's why the search engines count these so highly. While you should definitely aim to get to the point where others will link to you, it's possible to take things into your own hands for now.

    Below are some of the top strategies you can use for building backlinks to increase the value of your blog in the eyes of the search engine.

    Write Articles and Submit Them

    Writing and submitting articles is a great way to build backlinks! There are sites out there like and that allow you to post your content with a link back to your site. That means you get to have your link on authority sites! The more articles you write, the more you can submit them. The beauty of this is that you can often submit the same articles to different sites, or rewrite them quickly to have something that is more unique.

    Comment on Other People's Blogs

    It's a great thing to remember that a huge part of blogging is getting involved in the community. Commenting on other people's blogs will not only get you some recognition from their readers right away, it also counts as a backlink! Keep in might that some of these links are termed as "nofollow", which means the search engines may not pass along ranking or "juice." That's okay, because the algorithms are always changing, and since these links are so highly targeted they are a great thing.

    Write Guest Posts

    Writing guest posts for other niche blogs is an amazing strategy. People love to let you do this because it gives them a day off from blogging. Readers love it because they get a fresh perspective on a topic they are interested in. You'll love it because it means you get a link back to your site and all you had to do was write an extra post for the day.

    Use Social Bookmarking Sites

    Another thing you can do is bookmark your sites. Now, there are some rumblings out there that these won't count as highly in the future as they do now. Still, bookmarking your sites lets the search engines know "you are there" for fast indexing. If you take the time to make sure the sites you bookmark with are high quality, you'll get the benefit of those links as well.

    Paying for Links

    There are many different ways you can pay for links. It is important to know that Google and other search engines frown on this because it's like you're gaming their algorithm. Whether you choose to do this or not is up to you, but it can be an effective strategy if you don't go overboard and aren't obvious. You can contact people directly or even work through link exchange networks.

    Learning how to build backlinks to your blog is extremely important if you want to rank well. Add a few links at a time and they will build up in a massive way over the long run.
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    I'm with the others who have posted this already:

    1. articles
    2. forum posts
    3. blog comments
    4. directory submissions

    These work for me. And has been stated, look for high PR sites to link with.


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    Thanks for your post ukescuba, that's a different perspective on this that I hadn't thought about before! Would agree that there is no such thing as too many backlinks, and yes, google can get a little suspicious if you start generating a number of backlinks if your really good at exploiting google algorithms! But I find that the old traditional methods have served me well in this case, and they do take a bit of time to build up over time, but when properly implemented work wonders! Thanks for that one!
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    Me forum posting is working well... Directory sumission is feel waste for me... submitted to many but no BL... bookmarking is OK... Article submission is good but need good stuff
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    Try social booking from to submit your bookmarking.
    Other than that, try some article submission software like unique article wizard (UAW)
    [WSO of The Day] Discount How To Generate 172.56% Positive Return OR build your List for FREE!

    "Case Study: Discover You Can Make $1371.66 With A Simple Blog Post by Clicking Here"
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    yup, backlinks are important. there is a fellow warrior wso here which provides you high PR sites for only $5 every month. you just need to do the work to post the links there. great wso IMHO! go get it if you still havn't
    or alternatively you can use google do-follow blog and forum search function, forgot the web address, will check for that later..

    check out the tips here, some dofollow link finder tools:

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      Based on my experience, joining various dofollow forums and blogs related to my niche are very effective in getting backlinks.
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    Blog commenting and forum posting is effective way for getting backlinks..
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    Besides Article Submissions, you can target:
    Blogging and Blog Comments
    Forum Signature
    Community Participation
    Press Release Submissions
    Media Sharing Sites (like Video Sharing, Presentation Sharing and Picture sharing)
    Link Exchange with sites in your niche
    Directory Submission
    Social Bookmarking

    Do make sure the the whichever site you link to is a do-follow site if you are targeting backlinks.

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