Will more people come online to look for income when they got laid off?

by DotComBum 13 replies
Hi all, this question suddenly crossed my mind, with the current economy situation, do you think more people will take up Internet Marketing or seeking ways to earn an income on the Internet?
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    I guess not everyone will come. Because not everyone is well known of IM. Peoples who already searching for online money making solution during their day jobs will come as full timers.

    it's really depends on peoples thinking about alternatives.

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    I'm in the niche and it's horrible, Stay Away! JK!

    Who is Ty Wagner? Find out Here.

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    Originally Posted by ProductCreator View Post

    complete noobs who known nothing about IM tend to believe it isn't possible or it's a scam.
    Thats true, as that is what I first thought when I got envolved. But the longer you look around and do a little digging, people will learn that it's not so much of a scam but more if they can learn how to do it.
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    It will but probably not as much as people think. There is also offline direct marketing and MLM as well. Besides, certain industries that are almost entirely commision based such as property, insurance, and autos will gladly take on new employees even though they are in steep decline.

    I have been offering help to set up an IM business to a german relative of mine who had been unemployed for years. He is just simply not interested however attractive I make it out to him.


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    I actually think there will be quite few new bodies in IM.

    Particularly if the recession lasts 2 years+. Many people will try many different things to try and get an income going.

    I know of a number of former realtors who are trying IM in one way or another. Unfortunately, both I know are fixated on quick bucks so they're falling for a lot of scams, imo.
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    Yes, and 90% of them it get involved with mlm and the other recruiting people models and not make a dime until they move on to real & proven online business models.

    A few will move on but most will not.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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      A friend of mine, who had his own comic shop for 20 years and also sold
      comics and cards at Ebay, just closed up his shop and actually took down his
      Ebay store as well and has gone on to become a janitor.

      So some people go in the opposite direction and get away from the

      I think you're going to have a little of both. Some folks would never even
      think of turning to the Internet for money.
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        I'm already seeing it. And it's not nearly the "usual crowd." The ones I'm seeing most are realtors, mortgage brokers, and financial consultants. (I got some publicity that sent a lot of those people my way.) These are people who know how to run a business, and understand selling and how numbers work in the real world.

        I'm hearing from other folks that they're getting a lot of local retailers looking for ways to use the net to pick up business. Including shipping, where appropriate.

        These are not the clueless types who expect to make millions overnight. They're perfectly happy with steady growth, they're disciplined, and they know how to work.

        In short, the average IMer's worst nightmare, competition-wise.

        Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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    i think everyone who uses the net is always looking for ways to earn while home
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