The monster that is Flippa, would you leave for a competitor?

by MamaD
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It seems as though Flippa has no competition or at least none that are anywhere near Flippa. Their fees are pretty high, charging a seller not only a listing fee but a success seems outrageous to me does it not seem that way to anyone else? I've looked around for alternatives but can't seem to find one that has the user numbers Flippa does. If someone were to launch one that was identical to Flippa without the fees would you try it out or do you think Flippa has too much of a stronghold?
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  • Like any business there is room for improvement. I would love to see another flippa style site , but it always comes back to how many people will use it and use it consistently....
    There are many out there but yea no one has the numbers like flippa...
    flippa charged way to much , there is definitely room for another competitor to come in and take part of the market...

    Fraser Mackie
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    flippa fees are too high but there are lots of potential visitors to sell your websites. I dont think other competitors have chance.
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    Try Ebay also... you'd be surprise that it might actually work. A friend of mine sold a very high priced site there before and got a lot more than he would have gotten on Flippa... at least that's what he told me. I like to use both.
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    I too have contemplated a flippa alternative. I sell 10 sites per week on there and make a decent living. If someone could save me the overhead I would definitely try them out.

    So, bring on the competition!
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    I would leave for a competitor for sure. It's just hard to start a new marketplace when nobody is using it yet, if you know what I mean
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    I am planning on flipping my first sites in a few months or so, and I have every intention of using the Warrior Forum section for that. I don't want to use some outside service when I can use the valuable tools before me in a community that I love!

    Heck, I have some outside service providers but I'm even looking at building up other members of my team with WFH providers. But that is off-topic.

    Seriously though, why use Flippa when you can use the WF?!

    Like I said though I have not flipped my first site yet.

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    I think if Flippa, does not stop allowing Trade marked domain names, in its database, that they will be in deep trouble, there are rumors, (allegedly) that the FTC is sniffing around, for issues, so while they might be on top of the world right now, that may not last for long.

    At any time you can see tons of websites with trade marked domains that is something they could prevent, which is why they could find themselves in a lot of trouble.

    I think there is room for competition, if done in a way that delivers a better service, look at the things that Flippa is doing wrong and concentrate on providing a service that is fair to both sides, use an escrow service, and eliminate 50 percent of support requests.

    just a few things that you could do to either compete, or provide a better service, value added services, are always a good thing.
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    I'm thinking of creating a website marketplace alike Flippa. But that's a big project which is going to require a lot of programming and advertising. And at the very moment, I'm quite busy with other work and am unable to work on that project.
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    The problem is that if you are just offering a Flippa clone site, no one is leaving Flippa. Flippa has buyers, so sellers will list there. A competitor will need to be able to attract both buyers and sellers.
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    Flippa buyers and sellers would be willing to leave for a strong competitor.

    Got thousands of dollars in advertising budget in Adwords and other PPC, and them judge if there is a competition.

    Nobody will got to a website to wonder there alone
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    LOL — Had to edit this whole thing cause I thought it said "Fiverr" in the title. My bad. =P
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    Well which is it?

    When people try to make clones and improve on sites or offer competition, we get bashed for "copying" and "there is already enough of those out there"

    You can't have it both ways

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      Originally Posted by SocialMediaOwls View Post

      Well which is it?

      When people try to make clones and improve on sites or offer competition, we get bashed for "copying" and "there is already enough of those out there"

      You can't have it both ways
      Clones are not normally really competition. They are created by a bunch of assmonkeys that don't have the creativity to build something of their own so they just copy other people's work and hope to siphon off some of the traffic and business from the original.

      In order to make a real competitor, you would need to actually build a better site with better features and spend a boatload of money in advertising to attract buyers and sellers. You would need to operate at a loss for a good while until you built the business up.

      Clones are clones. Nothing special.
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