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I am keen to explore the opportunity of infographics further. Does anyone have any experience with creating them?

I have ideas for creating infographics for my niche but i am unsure on how to go about making it a reality. I am thinking about outsourcing but want to understand what is involved, how much time and effort is required on mine and the outsourcers time and how much i should be budgeting for this.

Ideally i would be generating 1-2 infographics per week but want to understand if this feasible and cost effective.

Definitely open to all thoughts and views on this.

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    Hi there...

    As far as I know, it can be quite expensive to outsource your infographic design (if you want it done right, high-quality work) but if you're a DIY type that likes to learn stuff, maybe you could check out Infographic Academy. it's a membership site started by Tristan Higbee, a blogger who I have followed for quite some time.

    I had signed up for it a while back to learn how to make infographics, but didn't realize that most of the tutorials at the time were for a graphics software program that I had no experience with. Anyways, it seems like he makes the process very user-friendly and may be worth checking out if you are at all open to giving it a try yourself.
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    Thanks, i feared as much that it might be...

    I'll definitely check that site out, thanks.
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    It will cost you $5 at fiverr to outsource the creation of an infographic. Build up from there.
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    You could make more money creating them as PLR products.

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