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In regards to Article Marketing, I forgot one important factor which constantly see many do the opposite.

Never write like you're trying to sell anything but write as if you are talking to a friend. That will make your writing much more fluid and natural.

Another little tip which I learned from a writing expect. Sometimes you lose train of thoughts and you can't think of something to write. Of course I am speaking to those who are not doing research work or looking at other copy.

Carry a pen and paper and when an idea comes to mind, jot it down... This way you won't forget it.

The tip, I meant to say is: When you first begin writing, write as fast ayou can with no regard for grammar, spelling etc.That is how your best writers start out writing. The ideas are flowing so fast you have to get them down when you can.

Previously, I mentioned to pick a topic you are adept at and this makes writing all the more fun. I'm sure you can find something you enjoy and
know a lot about. This will play into your strengths and make you sound more an expert.

Expert status is what will get you to the top, you need not be all things to everyone.

Pick a topic you know well and break it into sub categories. You'll find there are many more articles that will come out from you this way.

I would also highly recommend to those who may be a little weak in English or whatever language you write, learn the proper punctuation, grammar and spelling, it will go a long long way. I am NOT an expert in writing by any means. Lol.

There are tons of free manuals if you Google them.

Finally, pick a title that asks a question or answers one... Remember, help someone solve a problem and the world will beat a path to your door!

I have to comment on a widely known method for getting tons of hits or at least in practicality.

That's going in to search for the topics and authors who are getting the most hits. Honestly, I tried that but writing about things I don't know isn't much fun and never led to any appreciable income for me... Maybe because so many were thinking along the same line.

No matter what you write about, the odds are there will be an audience.

Till next time... Happy Writing!

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    Good info Dave,

    Yes "selling" in article marketing is madness in my opinion, it should be all about great information that will really benefit them to help solve the problem/issue that caused them to find your article e.g. a solution to the "keyword phrase" you are promoting.

    If your article does help them, then people naturally want to reciprocate and click the link in the article to visit your website anyway - and they will arrive "pre-sold" on your ability to help them.

    Now thats the type of visitor I like!
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      Thanks Tim,

      It really comes down to helping the person... If we could ever get that in our minds, the world would be in a better place.

      Take care,

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