How to use social networks for marketing?

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can anyone teach me on how to market using social networks.. your ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated..
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    There are a lot of WSO on that subject, check out the WSO section and read the reviews to see witch one is having better results.

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    Share your links......
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    With social networking you have to build a following, and you do this by posting relavent and interesting information that will help people do what they are doing and not leaving a link back to your site.

    This way you will build trust with your readers and on the occation when you do put a link to a product you are promoting your following will be more likely to buy, you can also build a very good list this way to.

    Frazer Yorke

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    I'm having some success with twitter at the moment, but I'm still exploring the full potential.

    It's very difficult to get somebody on social media to buy something, but what you can do is use CPA email/zip submits quite effectively.

    It's best to use some kind of automation to do this. Out of all the ones I've tested I'm now using tweetadder as I find this has all of the necessary functions in one application.

    Basically, what you do is start building a following of targeted people and tweet about news in your niche. Then I put 1 or 2 CPA offer tweets in per day.

    Do not do any more money tweets though or your followers will start screaming SPAM and your account could get shut down.
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    There are several good websites that will guide you much better on the topic. Here we only have space to explain generally.
    This link is useful particularly
    Ning – Create a Social Networking Site with Ning, the Best Social Site Platform
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