Internet Marketing Junkie - Critical for Your Success!

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After reading hundreds and thousands of posts over the years, there is one common denominator that most marketers neglect and it is most Critical to their success.

What is that 'Open Sesame' to open the box of wealth?

Tweak, tweak, tweak and Test, test test!

Think about this and let it sink deep inside your brain...

Any successful business and I mean EVERYONE has used this formula before fully launching their service or business.

Do you think for one minute a great Copy Writer sits down at their computer and types at one time and a masterpiece is created?

When a fast food company 'invents' a new meal, is it simply rolled out to every franchise? Heck no! It is given to a small section in a given area to test.

When you watch a movie on TV or in a theater, did you think the producers just had it written and then it went straight to the film department and from there to the screen? Guaranteed, it went through series of tests! All of it had to been tested. The actors don't do a complete script in one take... It usually takes a number of takes before reaching the mainstream.

Your best copy writers will write copy and then tweak it over and over until it freely flows into what they want it to do. Mainly, tell a story based on human emotions which draw you in to read it and hopefully, take the kind of action the completed copy is meant to cause.

It is funny when I read about marketers wanting to build websites that generate these huge amounts of money but how little thought will go into testing, testing, tweaking and tweaking...

Perhaps the reason is one of the 'Instant Gratification' sentiment, which permeates the Internet.

You see a website that claims to make all this income and the writer tells you how they do it and you purchase their product. After following the instructions to perfection, you find the results are no where near the same... Even months after finishing the site, you sit their puzzled because your website is doing nothing like the sellers claimed to do.

What you don't see is if the website is making the money the seller claims, they tweaked and tweaked and tested it many times to get those results.

Certainly, you don't think anyone who reaps money from Google Ads doesn't test and test... They have to in order to reach a certain formula and still keep testing because the Internet does not stand still!

If you desire real success, be diligent and tweak and test, tweak and test. It will make a world of difference.

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