Would you like it if your customers PAID YOU to advertise?

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Face it, any one who is serious about business realises that the most important part is building a list of customers. This can only be achieved by means of advertising. However, it is a common occurrence or a business to spend $100′s - $1000′s on advertising their main product and notice very little in return...

This isn't fair!

Logically, you would assume putting more of your money into your advertising will reap results, and yes, it will improve them, but a much more effective and efficient way to scale them way higher is by offering what is called a FUNDED PROPOSAL!

The concept of a funded proposal is instead of just trying to sell your main product like every other salesman under the sun, you sell them quality information on how to do what ever it is they want to do for a very small cost (approx $5 - $20). For example, if your business is selling gardening tools and your main product is a high-tech spade, instead of selling that right off the bat, sell them a 'how to' guide on how to dig a hole.

Now you might be wondering, how could this benefit me. Well there are 5 key reasons why:

1. Information products convert at a much higher rate because people simply would rather learn how to do something than actually do it! The money you make from this proposal can be used to fund your advertising expenses.

This is how you get paid to advertise!

2. You would target customers who already actively search for this information which would make it much easier to sell to them.Also in this information product you would recommend your main product somewhere inside it, (In the above example, a spade!)

3. It is a proven fact that people listen to those of authority. By creating a 'how to' guide, you position yourself as an expert, which will in turn, give you much more credibility.

4. Any of the customers who buy your guide are now pre-trained, and if they chose to seek you out for more knowledge, you may very well find your self a future business partner!

5. If you are promoting this through your affiliates, it will allow them to get into a positive rate of cash flow straight away.

Believe me, this is an extremely smart way to advertise build your business. By using a quality information product to fund your advertising, you will reduce your advertising expenses by huge amounts, and may even be advertising your business for free!

That's the beauty of a funded proposal!

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