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If you want to outsource a website (creation and seo/marketing) , should the amount you pay for it equate to how much it is expected to earn per month when it reaches its optimum earning level ?

For example, if you want to but a website that make you $50 a month, should the amount you pay for it be $50 ?

similarly, if you want to buy a website that makes you $100 a month, should the amount you pay for it be $100 ?

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    I think your business plan should be more aggressive than that. You would plan to earn 10 times more than you invested. Nearly all products I launch make at least 10 times their initial investment (though often there is some continuing investment, but only after initial success).

    The caveat is that your website may not START making money for several months. I would say this is a common beginner's mistake to plan to make money too quickly. I'm not saying it can't happen, but more often ideas/websites take time to germinate.
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    I really wonder who will waste there time and energy to design a website for you at $50 or $100.

    If you are on a real tight budget, I will recommend you to buy a custom made template which will cost you $15-$20.
    Then edit it and create your own website.

    We tend to expect too much.. The earnings depend upon the work on the site, as well as ur level of competition, choice of niche.

    If you want a basic SEO package, atleast it will put You back by $200 and above which people from Philippines do from my website.
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    The short answer is no.
    When you hire someone to build a website or for SEO you will get
    a price for the service it's up to you on how much your willing to pay.
    Take a look around the forum and see what service you want and take note of the prices and go from there.
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    SEO service fee is not affected by how much money you make out of the website so the price for seo shouldn't me relevant to your profits.
    usually what you pay depens on the features of the SEO package (link building, web 2.0 marketing etc...) you want for your website.

    There are some performance-based seo services that only charges you when your site is on page one on search engines, may be you should look in to that.

    website creation or web design is usually separate from seo service so that is a different fee. if the seo package that you want to get offer on-site optimization then they will cover the seo side that should be done on your created website (such as optimizing headers and keyword density and content etc...)

    I hope I answered your question
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      I'm looking for site design and on and off site SEO optimization. Any warrior recommendations for quality work and communication?
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    Thanks for your opinions folks,

    I've seen a number of website building services offered on the forum, and even bought some sites, and was wondering if there was a gauge to price/monthly expected earnings from them - as there seem to be regarding flipping sites (ie what your site earnings per month you can expect to flip it for 10 times that)
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    I must agree that having a cheaper price is the main reason why people outsource but it doesn't mean that you have to abuse them. Always remember that you always get what you've paid for.
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