stupidly simple cash cow letter

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what is the best stupidly simple cash cow letter to send out? I mean generic, not in a specific industry, and not themed (sick bag, dirty sock) etc

Is there anything better than David's original letter?


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    I've had some success with David's letter slightly modified. Try it once, then make a slight change and compare that to your original response rate and go from there.
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      That's a wide-open question without a narrow answer.

      You could have a letter that worked like gangbusters in the UK, and the phrasing would be so different that it wouldn't register in the USA.

      For that matter, going into different niches begs for slightly differing terms and approaches. Customers in a retail store become clients in a law firm and patients to a medical practice.

      Differences in phrasing due to regional differences enter the picture as well. When I lived in Minnesota, we shoveled snow. When I lived in Nebraska, we scooped it. Here in Florida, the concept doesn't apply.

      David's letter is probably a good starting place, augmented with knowledge of your market and target niche. You could use it as a control to test other versions against.
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