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Well, that pretty much says it all.

I have Photo blog which I have for family and friends, it is my passion but I am not using it to make money yet! I have 57 articles in that blog, my question is if I rewrite them all will the crawlers find them to be new content and maybe drive more people to that site?

I have another blog set up for making money someday, I'm retired and have a income so I'm not going to rely on the internet to sustain me, on the other hand I would like to in time have some extra cash from an online source.

I have tried some of the shiny objects other there and found them to be good for learning but there not what I would like to do.

I would like to do Affiliate Marketing and so far that's what my newer blog is all about (traveling and making money with a Online store, so to say).

I have made a little money with ZNZ but I'm not trying to sell that here just to let you know where I'm at is all.

Now back to the questions: I don't know enough about backlinking and there are so many shiny objects out there to help with that.

Since I have time and energy I would like to learn it but don't know where to start, I feel that this is a good place to start but need to be pointed in some directions .... so please if anyone has some answers throw them at me...

Thanks ahead of time
Lynn Ross
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      Yes! I know that but will the goggle crawlers notice a difference? I don't want to spend the time to do it and not have it do anything, do you know what I mean....

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    Yes, if it's new content than its an new article, focus especially on the first and last paragraph. Google won't read the whole thing, at least that is my understanding.

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