How to do the whole up/downsell & front/backend thing

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Hi! I'm getting into marketing finally after reading so much stuff from the forum. Only thing I'm having trouble with is the process of presenting new offers after initial purchase (except I know how to collect list).

Heck, I don't actually even know what the terms upsell etc. mean, could someone clear this for me? I am not even sure what people mean with OTO, expect that it means one time only. I guess this is so basic stuff that I haven't seen anyone explain it

And is presenting these offers done just by redirecting to new pages after certain action (purchase, opt-in, whatever) ?

Oh and if someone happens to know a good ebook about this topic I'd appreciate if you told me about it
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    This is a pretty good (and free resource) that explains the process a bit.

    Marketers' Dojo

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    If you want to really find out the process sacrifice $27 on a decent looking clickbank product and it will take you through the whole process and if you dont like the product you can get a refund ... But basically you purchase after you enter your CC info it redirects to a thank you page that says to complete your order process click here takes you the " One Time Offer " which is definetly going to be an upsell so lets say the original product is $27 the OTO would be like $197 if you dont bite at that price you might get another page that gives you that same OTO at $97 boom from there probably get offered another high end coaching product lets say $497 if you dont take then $297 then if you dont take it takes you to the download page where you get your $27 product and your OTOs if you purchased make sense
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    The video was pretty good for a free one but it only went through the beginning of a sales funnel And thanks NACAdam that cleared a bit.

    Still unclear what does front end and back end mean?
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    front end is basically what you make from selling the product. Back end is what you make from any upsells, subscriptions, etc.

    Many times someone will sell a product for say $27 and include a free month subscription to a membership site. After the first month you are automatically billed $47 per month until you cancel. The $27 would be the front end, and the $47 would be the back end.
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      I've just been through a great course by Lee McIntyre - ProfitMax Course - that I bought for $19.95 a couple of weeks back or so. Don't know whether it's still on the market for this price.

      Alternatively, get Alex Jeffrey's current offering for $27 on the WSO forum (I am one of those who paid $997 for it a couple of years ago).

      Darn, I wish I had affiliate links to those two here and now...

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    Hey Quahas...
    1) sales page front end a WSO $10.00
    2) payment pay pal or jvzoo (btw there are others)
    3) OTO
    4) refuse oto, down sale $2

    I see someone answered upsell, so Im just giving u another flow chart...
    hope that helps a lil... o i just purchased wp sales engine... take a look u can do all of these sequences for sells to your prospects.

    B Well.

    We were born to be free, Warriors, We All We Got!

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    You can also ask permission to send them additional information and then start them in a long-term drip sequence.
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