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I've been buying article submission tools
all day and none yet have done what I need.

I'm looking for a submitter that will let me create unlimited authro profiles. These author profiles will include there own directory registration details like username, email, password, blah blah.

Then I press a button and the submitter goes out and registers to all the directories with that authors profile information.

Then of course I have to go click all the activation emails...

Now that profile is registered and I can load up my article and press submit to have it blasted out to all the article directories. Then I create another author profile and off we go with another article.

Anything out there like that?
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    I've already tried unique article wizard, brad callen's article submitter, and quick article submitter, and submit suite's article submitter

    You ROCK!,
    Justin Brooke

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      I own just about every article submission program there is and none do what you are looking for. I can't think of a way that nay program could register at a third party site for you. I usually just outsource the setup of all the accounts.


      Slime England

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