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Hey Warriors,

Two part question;
I was contacted regarding an offer to have a text link placed on one of my sites, I have read a little here about media buys, but really have no experience with it. I know this can be important and want to learn. How can I evaluate my site to come up with a dollar figure for this link? Currently this site receives about 50 uniques per day - I am actively doing SEO for the site and should have those numbers tripled soon *if i don't screw up*.

Second Question: This particular company that contacted me is called More Digital and is a UK based company - anyone have experience with them at all?

Any good articles on this subject would also be appreciated.

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    You could always put adsense (or other ads) on your site for a while and see how much you earn and then try and negotiate a higher figure than that, plus extrapolate it for the extra visitors
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    Regarding your first question, I'd suggest putting adsense, or other ads, on the site for a while and see how much you earn. That establishes the minimum that you would accept. Then try and negotiate higher from there, maybe ask for 3 or 4 times what you are getting from adsense, and also extrapolate for the extra visitors that you except.

    Regarding your second question, I've no experience of More Digital.
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