How fast can someone get to 20 dollars a day with IM?

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How long did it take for you to go from from making no money online to making 20 dollars a day and which method did you use?

Thanks for the opportunity to connect with you all.
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    You know what? It might take rest of your life, if you just wondering what I should do and how long it takes. You have to DO something! Pick up like some Amazon product and create a blog for that (free=Hubpages) where to promote the product and make 200 a day.
    Point is this; Take Action!
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    Amazon is a good start I agree. Another thing you could try is Fiverr. If you have any skills, you can offer them for $5, you will be amazed at how much money you can make with if you deliver quality!
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    How much work are you prepared to put into making $20?

    Also are you prepared to spend any money? You've just asked all the experts here "How long is the piece of string I'm holding?" The first thing you need to learn is how to ask specific questions that will get you the answer you want.

    So here's a better question.

    I want to start earning $20 per day as an affiliate marketer using free traffic. I can spend 10 hours a week online, what method would you use, and how long should it take?

    Also what courses would you recommend, and how much do they cost?

    Customise this question and see if you get an answer you want.
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    Although its too general for giving correct answer or giving you the right direction, you need to do more homework, research and pick up a methods that fix your style, you will see result and money the day after you get yourself working on it. Its like you going to work in a normal job, only get pay at the day 30 of the month.
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    pretty easy, shouldn't take you too long, just don't put your eggs into one basket

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    Originally Posted by 568129 View Post

    How long did it take for you to go from from making no money online to making 20 dollars a day and which method did you use?

    Thanks for the opportunity to connect with you all.
    It depends on a few factors like your current skill set, prior experience, the business model you choose, and the amount of effort you put into it. The fastest way to make money online is as a service provider because you generally get paid via Paypal. I would say that the most common way to do this is as a ghostwriter where you do research and write content for other people.

    Good luck.
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    thanks i would like to make 20 dollars a day with free traffic methods
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    Grab some PLR in a niche, combine it and make your own original infoproduct out of it, then sell it for $19-$27. Then create a blog about that niche and give people some good content to build trust, etc.

    And to get free traffic, use article marketing, youtube, social media, twitter, etc.

    Or if you are really lazy, just find a good affiliate product on Clickbank instead that earns at least $20 per sale.

    Once you do that and stay the course, you will make more than $20 a day.
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    What is your main goal? To make $20 a day or to scale it up and make a full time income online and more?

    If your goal is to make more than $20 a day, I would recommend looking for a model that will get you to your desired end goal.

    Don't sacrifice short term profits for long term wealth
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    lots of ways of making $20 online,I would say fiverr would be pretty good or run a wso or sell your own services and use your talents. Maybe you can write or draw or even offer to be a virtual partner for someone.
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    A marketer with experience in a variety of subjects might be able to do that on the first day, or do way more if given a week or two. It depends on what you do and how much experience you have doing it. Starting from scratch without ever having made money yet is hard. Once you have experience and know a lot of ways of how to do it, then starting from scratch and making money is fairly easy. And it's a matter of your mindset, too.

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    My main goal is to make a full time income with internet marketing. My dream is to become a full time internet marketer. My first goal is to make 20 dollars a day.
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    It took me about 5 months to make my first dollars ever..It was 4$, providing an article writing service at When i made that first money, it took me about 1 month to scale it up to 20$/day, meaning 5 articles.

    Then i invested 650$ in offering a new service at Fiverr. I had a positive ROI 4 months later.And now, i enjoy 200-300$ per month, doing absolutely nothing...

    The most important thing is to Take Action!Just that!And you will see magi coming your way!Trust me!


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      It is good that you are being realistic and going step-by-step. However, ya never know...You could find that you will be making more soon.

      I agree with Garage 667. Take action ASAP!
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    How long it will take actually depends on you. Some people can achieve it in one month, some need more than one year and some don't make money even after 5 years of trying.

    And how to get to the $20 a day point? My advice is to find what your dreams or goals are and make a plan how to achieve them. If you stick to the plan you should be able to earn $20 a day pretty soon. This is for the long run.

    For short run, just go to fiverr find the services that are selling the best and offer a better value for buyers. But you should never spend more than 30 minutes on one order, because it is not worth it then.
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    This is a good question. First of all decide if you want to be a worker or an entrepreneur.

    A worker will make money taking surveys, writing articles at or doing something at, and so on.

    An entrepreneur wants to build a business and you can do that with content sites, affiliate marketing, network marketing, blogging, and so on.

    Either way you can earn $20 a day almost from day 1 if you are willing to work. I see many people say they want to make money, but when you get right down to it they are not willing to actually work at it.
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    Originally Posted by 568129 View Post

    How long did it take for you to go from from making no money online to making 20 dollars a day and which method did you use?

    Thanks for the opportunity to connect with you all.
    It doesn't matter how long it takes to make your first $20 online. If you make any money at all then you're on the right track. Follow this up by improving what your're doing. Some people come online having done their keyword research and chosen the right products and yet fail to make sales. What could be the problem? No traffic = no sales. Sales Page not good enough = no sales etc. Work on building a list and optimizing your site.
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    Gawd IM is such a wide ranging subject, it's not all about network marketing or freelancng, there are at least 20 totally different things you could do, all with different earning potential, ROI timescales, input required, investment level, your attitude etc.

    The answer quite simply is anything between 5 minutes and never.
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    Yes I do have freebies!

    Expertise comes not through knowledge or skills, but through practice
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    i think fiverr is only the easiest method to make money besides that try youtube + cpa and also make some microniche websites but you will have to invest little money in the beginning
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    first day of setting up my website i made $60. i got lucky, but i knew im worked. that site has made me over $15k to date which isnt too bad seeing as i havent touched it in 2 years.

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    My dream is to become an entrepeneur and make money with internet marketing..What type of action should I take to make 20 dollars a day though? I would like a mentor that I can trust will give me good advice and help someone out. I would pay my mentor with my future profits.
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    There are many great warriors on here with coaching programs available depending on what type of business model your after. I'd decide on that first before moving on.
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      I made $30 within one month, after 7 weeks, that is by the end of week 7, I made $30 from adsense and micro niche website. I am going to scale it up to $5000 per month, then $100,000 per month. Not just adsense will be various monetizing methods.

      The plan is to quit my daily job as a software developer, paid by hour. Personally I will not do fiverr or warrior for hire.
      Signature | Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Internet Marketing

      A newbie trying to make $5,000/month in Internet Marketing
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    Learn not only how to work efficiently but how to live efficiently. Then in almost anything you do, you'll do it efficient, and get to the results quicker.

    Thats honestly my best advice. Learn how to not take in inactionable garbage information, and you'll be alright. Seperate from the rest, and microtest everything you do before you invest too much time into anything. Its always about efficiency, not being effective. Because you can be very effective, all awhile being very inefficient.

    Like posting random videos on youtube. That may be effective in how you percieve production or producing something, but since the chances of it actually producing something are so low, (and so many people can't see that), so many people still do it. Because they think they are producing something but they are not. You can't rely on luck to produce something otherwise you're only playing the lotto. So no different with so many things I already see people on this forum doing.

    Do what counts. Stop wasting time. If its not immediately actionable, throw it away. Because there are definitely enough good ideas out already, just not efficient enough people to motor those ideas along and make them work. They will waste too much time, and never do it right.

    Its not learning IM. Its learning efficiency imho.
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    It took me about 2 years to reach the $20 per day mark. I put a lot of effort into those 2 years learning and making big mistakes. I read everything I could and I used customer support so much I think they drew straws to see who would take my call! I was also a complete newbie so the web stuff, FTP, data bases, nameservers, all that crap (I still HATE it) was extremely challenging. Forward fast to 4 years later, I can work a few hours a day for a few months and get a site or two up making $20 per day. Truly though, it depends on you. Everyone's learning curve is different, every business model is unique, just pick something and devote yourself to it until you understand it and somewhat master it. Then you'll see the money. Don't think about the money in the beginning, watch results and stat behaviors.
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    If you're looking for consistent income then you may want to create an adsense right -- it's really the only powerful choice for consistent income.

    It personally took me about a year to get to $20 per day with IM, but it's different for everybody. It may take you two weeks or two decades -- you may even never achieve the goal, but as long as you have a will to make that money, then you'll definitely hit your target.
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    As others have said, so many variables... just get something going. It depends mostly on the payout. Adsense, vs. say something that pays out $97 per sale.
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    As a smart Warrior recently stated, asking how soon one will make money is one of the worst questions to ask -- there's no answer.

    It's a business, one without a huge upfront cost, but still a business nevertheless. It may take a week, months, or years. It takes a few people years to make money, let enough to retire from the 9-5.

    So, my advice is to do as much as you can everyday and money will eventually come.


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    I posted a youtube video because of this a method of generating traffic for a cpa offer however I am not getting many people to see the video. I would also like to be able to create a website in a few hours and have it making 20 dollars a day in a month. Once you learn a method and it works then you just scale it right. The thing is finding a method that works for you. I would like to become efficient about finding a 20 dollar a day method however there is SO much information out there sometimes its mindboggling. Ok I know you have to sell something in affiliate marketing, so how do you find your product on clickbank or jvzoo. How can you find a profitable niche efficiently? Which method do you use to promote this amazon or clickbank product? Article Marketing, Youtube Marketing ? There is a code to make money online. I know that it is not unfindable because I read about people making money online everyday here. I would like to crack the code so to speak to be able to make money online.
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    You should start a business on ebay if you want to see fast cash - and earn that $20 a day by the end of this month. If you want to take the IM/ebook route... be prepared for a long journey ahead to making $20/day.

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    Fast if you know what you are doing and not easy at all if you don't,first make your first dollar onlinr and then scale it up
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    Originally Posted by 568129 View Post

    How long did it take for you to go from from making no money online to making 20 dollars a day and which method did you use?

    Thanks for the opportunity to connect with you all.

    That is all.


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