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What is the best way to get sites to make the most bang for the buck?
Example if you do like weight loss Would it make more to make 1 domain
With 100s of articles linking back to that domain with different niches.?
Are would it be better to make a domain for each niche?
Domain herbal weight loss
Weight loss with lipo
Pills etc??

Also next question if I wanted to make a general site as well that was for everything not covered under that site from cars to women to marketing etc would this be ok or would it cost me money by not being as effective?
Thinking this site for adsence etc so it would be like a daily blog for anything I decide to post that day.

Lastly say Ive got 3 things i wanted to market would you make 10 articles per thing? or 20-40 to get the top ranking and the most bang for your buck.And once there submited how often do you go back and submit new articles on your old niches to keep them pulling for months.
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    I would say you need to start with one.. Build a site + a Blog for it. Build up that one and then go on to the next.. Working one at a time and building it up will give you a greater chance at success.

    Doing 2, 3, or 4 sites at once you will lose focus and that is not a good thing. Stay focused on one first and build it..

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