Smart way to invest $300

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I have a question for the pros...
what`s the best way to invest $300 and make some profit by the next couple of days?
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    Invest them back into your business. That's the smartest thing to do.
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    Don't. Put it into liquid savings.

    Then find a niche, get a blog from Blogger, throw adsense on it, and drive traffic to it. Then wait for your Adsense income to grow.

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    Originally Posted by ddDonPaul View Post

    I have a question for the pros...
    what`s the best way to invest $300 and make some profit by the next couple of days?
    Forget the short term profit - and invest in your marketing education.

    If you had the knowledge and skills from your own education you wouldn't need to ask the question you have.
    50% Sales Conversions?? YES!, check my blog.
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    I agree 100% what Allan James write. If you go for like PPC and you are not absolutely
    sure what you are doing, bye bye 300... ( I`ve done that
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    Buy a good WSO, read it and apply what you learned.

    Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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    get a landing page , build a list on any niche (semi broad). Not more than $20 on this.
    Get traffic Paid if possible or free like document sharing sites, put up articles,videos
    Build a list along with upselling , cross selling. affiliate commissions, CPA offers( you'll have to get country targeted traffic for this).

    Test, tweak see whatever suits your market

    After getting there. Scale up. DO adswaps , buy solo ads, media buying etc

    Good Luck
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    Agree with Allan J - spend it on education. It will come back 10 fold, but don't expect instant results.
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    Get some good coaching from the wso section.
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    Once you're up to $300, your money spent options open up a little bit more. You may still buy an index fund, and you'll have your pick of fund corporations that require bigger initial investments. This chance will allow you to shop around for a fund with the least expense level.
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    i think the best way is to invest in learning some skill that will make you money whenever you want to
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    I would get into the War Room and learn as much as possible from WF. And the rest on some nice Cigars. I do need them to read along.

    But in a seriousness, if you're asking that question, the best thing you can do is read as much as you can and come up with your own conclusion.
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    If you don't know what to invest it in, put it back in your wallet and walk away.

    You need to understand how you want to grow your business and where to invest the money for maximum leverage.

    There are many many different things you could do such as PPC ads to promote affiliate products, facebook ads, create your own sites etc etc. Heck you could go buy some buckets and squegees and get cleaning windows!

    But the trouble is, unless you have a plan and some background knowledge you may as well take a match to the $300 as it will just go up in flames.

    Hold on to your money, do some research, get a plan and then use the money for maximum leverage.


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    As I often state, investing in a WORTHWILE coaching program is one of the smartest move for me. Cuts the learning curve and open your eyes on very lucrative stuff.

    Also, don't do like lots of people, including myself when I was kinda lost : avoid the shiny objet syndrom, meaning don't buy every stuff you see. Focus your attention on one thing and TAKE ACTION buddy. (can't stress how important that is).
    I've been with MANY web hosting companies
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      I would spend a little money on education as well.

      1. Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner. This is an ebook.

      2. Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky. This is a hardbook book.

      3. Join the War Room here in the forum.

      4. Check out the Warrior Special Offers here in the forum. I am always amazed at how smart our members are and how they share these tips for very little money.
      Jeff Schuman - SEO Blog Writer For Hire! Buy affordable, SEO, quality, MMO niche blog articles. Fast turnaround.
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    If you have a product and an autoresponder why not find a good solo ad partner and build the size of your list. If it converts well you should see a food ROI.

    Hope that helps!

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    Something wrong? Why the next couple of days? Or will someone else walk away with the money?

    Investing $170 is a moment's job - the easiest thing on Earth to do.

    But seeing that you have been here on this forum for some time, surely you have a business going? If yes, and if you have an idea which of your own product/affiliate/service pages convert the best why don't you run PPC for that?

    Or, why don't you use some IM-related skill of yours and run a service on Warrior for some profit? That should get started within the next couple of days easily.

    Just the knee-jerks that I could think of. If none of them seem to be profitable, simple keep your cash (if you can) for later, of keep your cash in some form of virtual currency that you think you can utilize well later.

    Originally Posted by ddDonPaul View Post

    I have a question for the pros...
    what`s the best way to invest $300 and make some profit by the next couple of days?

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    I would personally buy some self help books that you must have at home.

    They are:

    Think and grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

    The Magic of thinking BIG By Robert J Shwartz.

    Buy Internet related books like:

    How I made my first million on the internet by Ewen Chia

    Terry Dean books which can be found on Internet Business Coaching by Terry Dean

    3rd and lastly, get yourself in an MLM business online that has a great product, great COMP plan, and find a good mentor.

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    Forget how to make "fast cash"

    Invest in a mentor with a proven success rate
    Increase Your Sales By 46.15% And Skyrocket Your Conversions In The Next 48 Hours... Proof, live case study and free report all in this video.
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    Dude, wait a minute...

    Weren't you here a few days ago trying to sell that awful website about a park in South Africa where girls sell themselves? It was a terrible porn site if you wanna call it that. And you were also trying to sell your famous magicians site, and the organ donor site.

    Come to think of it - every two weeks you put up a similar ad where you say "I'm desperate for money and I need to sell these now"

    I like you but you really need to clean up your game. If you really have $300 bucks then save them and you won't need to stress out for money.

    And please don't put up those sites here for sale any more - they only get flagged and I end up having nightmares about those god awful x rated pics you had on there... and they were just awful. Enough said.
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