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I am really looking forward to 2009! Woohoo! I have no clue as to what outsiders are really thinking in terms of this recession or <cough> depression. Are people really afraid?

Anyway, I don't want to get off topic. I just wanted to say to the NEWBIES out there, that anyone can do this business. It does take a lot of work. You can find a lot of helpful advice in this forum.

But the key factor to success, is just never quit.

Be sensible about the process. So the best common sense I can think of is, to find ONE THING that works. Start small. I think it was Russel Brunson, of ZOOBIETV (lol) who got started selling an info product on how to make some kind of toy gun out of a potato? Yeah something strange like that. But it worked! People loved it.

Also that is why keyword research is vital. If you think about it, sales letters, are paragraphs and headlines, paragraphs are sentences, sentences are words. Focus on keywords and begin building headlines.

Then test multiple headlines on a different variation of the same squeeze page offer. Find what headlines pull.

You can link your headlines (an ad) from a blog or an article, and link each headline/ad to one of your variations on the same squeeze page testing multiple headlines linked from each unique article.

Now to continue, everything is done systematically, so you work efficiently, you can start writing BULLETS. Bullets are really just headlines.

Next, write the offer. If you are testing out a new market, start at a small price point like $5.

Combining these steps you'll generate feedback and sales, and then you can start adding and fattening up your sales copy. Works like a charm.
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