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Hi Guys,

I thought I would post this here as I am sure someone in the WF may be able to help me.

Basically my brother is looking for voice over work and also had a webpage with a few of his samples and the equipment to do this.

So I told him that his work may be in demand in Internet Marketing.

Then I was thinking of voiceover work that he can do on a website that would just be a voice and I can see how this would be used if you wanted to change a video's voice etc...

Or even if you need an audio book that you wanted creating and you didn't want to use your own voice.

Anyway I am thinking of running a WSO for him but don't really want it to be a wasted effort.

I have a website with all his samples and am not going to post it as I don't want to spam.

All I want to know is would this sort of service be of interest to anyone here?

All the best

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