looking for a few people to test a new web tool and give feedback

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I am looking for some feedback for a tool I am thinking about releasing...

Over several years I have created lots of web tools, most for myself or clients.
Rarely have I shared any publically.
I am about to release a webtool that I have used for a while and I have cleaned it up and am looking for feedback.
This tool deals with domain names and niches.

I am debating as to whether release it on my domain and let others use it, or to sell it so others can use it themselves on their private domains.
I am starting a new blog and looking to build an email list to share some of my secret tools, etc.

I was thinking of using this tool as a launch - give it away or sell it at a very low price if you get on my email list..?

So if you would
- please have experience in the board prefer someone with lots of posts and/or someone who has been thanked a lot.
- please be familiar with web tools
- the tools deals with domains, and niches, so have some familiarity with those

I am looking for feedback about:
- ease of tool to use
- ease of understanding of tool
- browser/operating system you are using and any problems you experience
- likes
- dislikes
- sugegstions for with the software and marketing it
- pricing ideas??
- how best to release this tool to build a new 'list'
- a testimonial if you feel inclined

Please PM me if interested, and I will sent you more specific details of the URL to the tool.

Thank you !!

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