How to make CB affiliate link redirect from inner page?

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I always get emails from marketers saying to check out the product at theirsite dot com/CB product. I am assuming this is an inner page. When you click on the link it goes straight to the CB sales page. It seems like it is a quick redirect. How do you do this?
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    If you're using a Wordpress site on the domain name you want to use as the main domain, you can use a link cloaking plugin such as Pretty Link (free) as a redirect. It's really easy to do.
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    So it will redirect from an inner page? Im not looking for the main site because I know how to do that!
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      You mean to load the affiliate link into a page that you own? This would be an iframe.


      Their using PHP. It does the redirect instantaneously!

      Simply Google how to create a PHP script, then using the following code:


      header(" location:");


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