Concern about our Aussie friends...

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A lot of news video and reports this weekend about the terrible fires down under. I know we've got an awful lot of Aussies on the WF. Just want you to know this Yank from the Midwest is concerned about you guys! Hope you stay safe.

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    Thanks Talltom,

    I appreciate it. Entire towns have been wiped away by the fires and over 100 people have been killed.

    I am personally very upset. One of the towns, Marysville, was a beautiful little town with guesthouses, weekenders, little cafes, etc.

    It was a favorite weekend getaway/holiday spot that I have been visiting since I was a child. My mother went there as a child and her mother before her. We loved it so much, my husband and I got married there.

    Now, save for a few buildings, the entire town is gone... The school, the guesthouses (several dating back to the start of last century), not to mention the homes of so many.

    It is truly devastating...
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      Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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      Having lived in Los Angeles for some time .. I can tell you these fires are horrific and will wipe out a neighborhood in minutes without much warning ... the winds from such fires are so fierce they will carry embers for miles and drop them in a shake shingle house ... not even close to the original blaze and bam another neighborhood goes up in smoke ... the point ... make backups of all important documents and video tape everything in your house including cars then keep the tape or dvd off site ....

      Pray for all of our island friends

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    Hope everything is alright. We will be praying for you guys.
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    We were lucky in SA considering how horribly hot it was not to have had destruction from fires.

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      Yes...just reading about thoughts are with you guys!
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    im about 45 minutes form bendigo where 50 houses are gone, but further east its worst, over 700 houses gone and 100+ lives lost and growing - some towns totally wiped out - please pray for the families
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      Originally Posted by designgururyan View Post

      im about 45 minutes form bendigo where 50 houses are gone, but further east its worst, over 700 houses gone and 100+ lives lost and growing - some towns totally wiped out - please pray for the families
      OK, you mentioned Bendigo. My pastor has started a church IN BENDIGO. Is the fire affecting that area?

      I'm not good in Australia map, can someone let me know where is the fire burning?
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        A friend of mine is a CFA volunteer and he has been telling me that arsenists a relighting the fires. Go figure. The last town to burn down was Whittelsea and I live in the neighbouring town called South Morang. Scary times folks, Scary times......

        Everything you ought to know about kids soccer can be found in this little community...

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        Thanks for all these posts of best wishes and concerns for us Australians.

        Joseph there are fires all over the state. Bendigo has had some major fires however thankfully they never got to the center of the town. I believe two people have lost their lives there. There are still fires burning there.

        We are about 45kms from Kinglake where there were massive amounts of destruction. It feels like it's meant to be over when watching all the people talk about their losses from where the fire ripped through, but they are still burning and more towns are being evacuated. Tears are flowing freely from our politicians who have gone into the worst hit zones and facing people who have lost their children, mothers and other members of their families and their friends.

        We know of someone whose father has perished and our friends believe that a whole family they know have died up in the Kinglake West fires.

        Many of the fires weren't deliberately lit but the ones that were, well if they catch them I can only say they'd better hope they get put in solitary confinement in jail given they have played a hand in the deaths of children.

        Thanks again for thinking of us during this terrible tragedy.
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    Our thoughts and prayers go out to our Victorian friends, memories of Ash Wednesday come flooding back here in SA
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      The whole eastern side of Australia is experiencing problems at the moment with flooding in QLD at the moment, also.

      I've been glued to the TV and radio the last few days. Its absolutely devestating.. the death toll will most likely double once they get around to all the houses..
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    My thoughts and prayers are with all my sisters and brothers in Oz. Stay safe. Love and blessings.
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    The ironic tragedy of it all. Floods in the north, fires in the south.
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    Let's all pray for these people - that's a terrible situation.

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    I just wanted to add my thoughts and paryes are with all you Aussies a fantastic people.
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    Thank you guys for your thoughts and prayers. Tears are flowing here for the dreadful stories that are coming out of Victoria. One firefighter, while fighting to save homes in one location, lost his own home and 2 of his children. Whole families are burned to death in their cars while trying to escape.

    The fires just came too quickly to evacuate and I know what that is like.

    In Canberra the heat has been horrendous as well. Five or six days with temps over the 40* Celsius has been hard to live through so needless to say a lot of us have not been on the Internet much.

    Fire storms are like tsunamis they hit and few can escape. It is just 6 years ago that Canberra was in this situation and over 400 houses were lost with fatalities. The fire was seen out of my kitchen window way off in the distance at around 9 am. By 1pm the first suburbs were hit and reports of 100 homes burned in Duffy was trying to sink in to our numb brains. By 3pm it had galloped across six or more suburbs and houses in my own street were gone as were several around me. That is the irony of fires. They hit one or several houses and spare others.

    The pitch black turns day into night, the cyclonic winds the fire generates sounds like F14s racing overhead and the embers burn into flesh as efforts are made to put water on roofs. People in Victoria had even less chance than those of us in Canberra who survived. The fires were on them in seconds and many were trapped in cars as they tried to flee.

    Its a hard country sometimes but you guys in the Northern Hemisphere are also doing it tough in parts and my thoughts and prayers are with you also. We have seen the fires in California and pray for all who are affected by them as well.

    God bless everyone wherever they are and under what circumstances they are going through at this time. It seems like nature is getting its own back for all the abuse we have given it.

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      Hopes and prayers with you. Glad to hear Norma's alright. One of my favourite posters. I hope everyone else is OK too. God. This kind of thing makes me angry sometimes. I suppose it's just one of those things and all we can do is hope that everyone is alright.
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    ye allot of my mates were affected by these fires i just wish them all my love

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    Hi guys.

    It's been a horrible weekend here in Victoria.

    My friends and their 2 daughters are still missing since 10:00pm Sat night. (1:00 pm Mon now).

    There names have been called out numerous times on radio to no avail.

    Unfortunately there are still massive fires going in most parts of the state.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected from this absolute tragedy.


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      Nature: Goddamm you!

      My sincere sympathy is with everyone out there and I wish this would just end as soon as possible.

      Originally Posted by Brett Kruger View Post

      My friends and their 2 daughters are still missing since 10:00pm Sat night. (1:00 pm Mon now).
      You and your family will be in my prayer, Brett. I am sure they are safe and sound and will turn up soon.

      Hang in there people - my best wishes to all our Australian friends.

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    The news is terrible Its an absolute emergency and it seems that it may have been caused by some Ars**** who dileberately lit the fires
    We have afire raging in NSW central coast and it was deliberately lit Police have arrested a 31 year old man.
    The situation in Victoria is beyond comprehension and has stunned our nation more than 1000 houses and more than 108 dead with a lot more excpected when they get in and check all the burnt out cars and buildings.
    Our armed forces have been placed on stand by to go in and help but whoever thought that the experince they gained in the Tsunami and other disasters over seas would eventually be needed here at home.
    There is growing groundswell of opinion that says arsonists should be charged with murder If they bring back the death penaly maybe they should consider burning the offenders to death.
    Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers
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      I can't believe this is happening. My girlfriend used to live in Victoria and lived close to where some of the towns were destroyed.

      Terrible thought to think that people were killed trying to get out because they received no warnings of the fire coming!

      Very sad...
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    Some of my in-laws live in Australia, but I think they're far away from the fires. I hope so. I think one of the things I found most upsetting was the mention that some of the fires had been restarted by arsonists after being put out by firefighters. No sense or compassion, some people.

    We're in the middle of some extreme (cold) weather here in the UK this week, accompanied by lots of typical British grumbling about the disruption it's caused. The truth is, we don't know we're born. Climate-wise, we've got it made in comparison to many.

    I really, really feel for you all over there, and wish such things didn't have to happen in order to put other 'problems' into perspective.

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    Like had been said before my thoughts are with all of you. I have family living in Aus and I am hoping for their safety.
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    My Uncle is in the serious burns unit after receiving serious blistering to his face and hands. He stayed back to protect his house that him and his wife had built. He managed to save his house but lost all his sheds and a truly magnificent garden.

    Still, he is lucky compared to many others who lost everything. A friend of a friend lost everything ...including their pet cow (they loved that cow like a child).

    The final toll wont be known for days yet - the fires are still burning many areas are inaccessible due to fallen trees across the roads etc.

    The wind and the heat on that day was unbelievable. I’ve never seen anything like it. Just incredible.
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    My sincere prayer goes out to all the Australians who were directly or indirectly affected...Was really saddened by the news

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      • Profile picture of the author Mark Coverdale
        This is a horrible tragedy. I am originally from Geelong, a couple hours drive from the fires. I am in now in Brisbane glued to the tv and radio listening to the terrible stories.

        My heart is with all the families who have lost so much.

        What a nice gesture for all the people on here from other countries to give their best wishes and prayers for the affected aussies. The warrior forum truly is a community in its own right.
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      It's hard to believe that I was in Marysville just a few weeks ago and that this beautiful township has gone through this.

      My prayers go out every moment for the people and families that have suffered from this.
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        No stranger to fire tragedy ... as a Californian ...

        Laguna Beach Fires, San Diego Firestorm, Brea most recently

        Ive been 15 minutes drive or in the thick of the smoke and some flames several times out here. I know what you folks are facing and its pretty horrid. Devastating.

        My heart goes out to you all. The folks from down under have always been good friends and allies to us Yanks over the years. Thanks for that.

        I wish you and yours down there God's Speed and comfort where needed and will have you in thoughts and prayers. You Aussies are a tuff lot though, not one bit of doubt you all wont come back stronger and with more resolve to prevent this from occurring again.

        May they catch the bugger who lit it [god please dont let it be a little kid]

        Ive got my eyes peeled on the news now. Very sad.

        Hang tuff down there!
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          Originally Posted by 4morereferrals View Post

          May they catch the bugger who lit it [god please dont let it be a little kid]

          Ive got my eyes peeled on the news now. Very sad.

          Hang tuff down there!
          It wasn't just firebugs but lightning strikes and other things as well. When fuel from gum trees and other native plants builds up it generates its own heat when temperatures flare up. The temp in Victoria last Saturday was the equivalent of 120* Fahrenheit, which is close to boiling point and due to the height of the mountains on which these fires started boiling point is lower. So some of those fires may have started from instantaneous combustion within ground fuel.

          Aside from the human toll the devastation to wild life is unbelievable. We love our kangaroos and koalas, possums and wombats, and all the other species in our bush and to see them trying to flee the inferno is horrible. The survivors then have no food as its all burned up.

          In the Canberra fires, mentioned above, a brave little female Koala was the sole survivor of a fairly large colony in a nature reserve called Tidbinbilla. She was badly burned but recovered and the affection for her was an outpouring of emotion that was desperately needed by Canberrans to overcome their grief.

          Nature is cruel and some humans are worse. A 15 year old boy was caught lighting a fire yesterday in the Blue Mountains. But I have driven behind cars where the drivers have tossed out lit cigarette buts and, of course, they also start bush fires in this country. Now there are penalties for accidental lighting of fires which may see some of these thoughtless clowns caught and punished.

          Like many the images on TV has stunned me and inside many of us are washed out by what is happening. Its like we have lost as well, and of course we have because this is the country's loss. Even the PM could hardly speak from his welling emotions. And its not over yet.

          God bless all you guys. Its heartening to know how much you all care and of your prayers and things.

          Originally Posted by Zig Zag

          Hopes and prayers with you. Glad to hear Norma's alright. One of my favourite posters. I hope everyone else is OK too. God. This kind of thing makes me angry sometimes. I suppose it's just one of those things and all we can do is hope that everyone is alright.
          That's a lovely thing to say, mate. Thank you.

          God bless

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    I'm reading all your well wishes and even though I'm in Queensland and not near the fires, I have tears streaming down my face reading all these posts right now!

    Originally Posted by ProductCreator View Post

    incredible that some arseholes have lit some of these fires on purpose.
    that happens more often than not here - some little sh!thead is bored, has sniffed too much of something and wants to see what happens if...

    I have a few ideas in mind what we should do with the little turds if they're caught, but usually they aren't.

    I'm in Qld and up here its a lot more tropical weather, even tho it's bloody hot, it's also really humid and summer is our wet season, so fires don't spread so much here in summer as they would in winter.

    Originally I'm from South Australia, where along with Victoria they are usually the ones hit the hardest. The fires are incredibly fierce and fast and sometimes you just don't get any notice. They'll be heading in one direction, we'll get a wind change and the fire will head off somewhere unexpected. I imagine it's much like a tornado.

    I'd say there are a lot of us all holding our breath until it's safe again for our Mates in the southern states.
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    My Hopes and Prayers go out to everyone in Vic ATM, it's terrible the plights mother nature inflicts on us at times.

    I'm currently up in Cairns which is cut off from the rest of the world from extreme flooding.

    Unfortunatly these problems are getting worse and worse over the years due to global warming. It's our duty as entrepreneurs not only to pray for the families going through these disasters at the moment but to do something about it.

    For those in Australia who are able to donate the phone number is 1800 811 700

    If you are able to provide accomodation or support for homeless you can call in on 9096 0000 or 1300 650 172.

    Aussies dig deep as millions flow in for bushfire aid | Herald Sun

    I think we need to think a lot more seriously about addressing the issue of global warming too, after reading Richard Bransons book "Screw It, Let's Do It" It really opened my eyes to just how bad the problems are getting and are only going to get worse in the years to come if we don't do anything about it.

    Cheers, Tim
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    we're praying for you here in the philippines
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    The news headline early this morning here in Michigan, "Aussie PM calls it mass murder..."

    I am just heartbroken for all of you Aussies. You're good people, you don't deserve this.

    But hang in there. Without valleys, there can be no mountaintops.

    I've started my day with another prayer for you guys. You aren't far from my mind today.

    May God truly bless everyone of you guys today!!!


    BTW, unfortunately our friends in California are highly skilled at detecting and tracking down the a**holes that start these types of fires. I hope somebody in Aussieland has the good common sense to make some phone calls and invite a few of these people to Australia....and no, I also wouldn't turn them over to the police (wrong of me, but it'd make me feel better)

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    I've been in the UK the last few months and we are all moaning about the poor weather, cold, wet, snow, ice etc...

    We have nothing compared to some of you folks and we must be thankful we don't get such extremes of weather as so many people around the world seem to get these days.

    My heart goes out to you all.

    One thing I am certain of is that the great Aussie fighting spirit will see you all through this difficult time.

    Best wishes.
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    My prayers and wishes are for your ausies.. hope you guys have the patience to go through all this.

    Best wishes.
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    makes me sick to the stomach to think that someone lit these fires deliberately, its an absolute tragedy
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    My praters are with all of you.

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    Latest figures: Death toll now 173 and rising. Homeless people now number in the thousands. Hundreds of people wounded, some not expected to survive. Burns units overwhelmed. Firefighters exhausted. No more facilities available to fight new fires. The story gets worse as new fires are breaking out and more towns are now threatened as winds pick up today.

    Thank you all for your prayers but there is no end in sight for so many at this time. There is also the enormous emotional stress as so many report of how they heard the screams of their neighbours as fires overwhelmed them. How are they going to forget what they have gone through?

    Yes, Aussies are stoic as we go through a lot from time to time but there is a limit to how much anyone can take.

    Believe me it is so comforting to everyone that our good friends overseas are thinking of this situation.

    Nature is turning on us and we have to change our ways. What Australia is going through now will be the case in the Northern Hemisphere before long. The enormous fires in California, Greece and Spain, to mention just a few of those from last summer, are still impacting not only on people in the regions but on the food resources that the world depends on.

    No one has mentioned the stock loss, the vineyards, farms and stores that have been wiped out. Then again the flood in North Queensland, where over 60% of the state is in flood and over 40% in drought, has an enormous impact on food as farms are destroyed. The cane growers are being wiped out in many places.

    A professor of the environment said on local TV last night that global warming is almost to the point where it is irreversible. It will run its own agenda from now on unless immediate action is taken.

    God help us. Have we got 10 years left? Some believe not. Food for thought as we ponder where we are headed.

    God bless

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    I'm in California, and we've had some problems with wildfires these past few years. But 1,000 is such a high toll I cannot imagine how devastating that is to the communities there. I send my prayers.
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    Wow ... really sad. Our hearts, prayers and thoughts from the UK

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  • Profile picture of the author R Hagel
    Absolutely heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

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  • Profile picture of the author Talltom1
    More news reports here this evening. Absolutely awful. Hang in there guys!!! We're praying for you!!!


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  • Profile picture of the author Matt Bard
    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
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    • Profile picture of the author Michael Mayo

      I want you all to know that my family's prayers go out to all of you.

      Gods speed in this disaster ending very soon.

      I pray you can return to life as you knew it before all of this even though I
      know there are a few that won't receive that luxury.

      God Bless You all!
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  • Hi everyone,

    your kind words are very appreciated. I watched the news here last night and cried for the whole half hour. It was something I'd never witnessed before. The sheer depth of it is so hard to grasp..esp the fact that it's suspected many fires were deliberately lit - and now amid the mayhem apparently people are looting!

    It's hard to imagine what these people are going through, I live in the state north of victoria where it's all happening and it's just devastating enough here in another state.

    yesterday on the train home from work I was in tears.....reading it was terrible.

    A heavily pregnant burn victim identified - two lives lost there with the one.

    A father who had put his children in the car and gone inside to get one last thing only to come out and the car and the occupants on fire.

    An elderly man who had left his elderly wife in what he thought was a safe shop in town and had gone back to check on his house only to come back and find his wife had died.

    A man who had lost his wife and daughter, with burns all over his body going to a neighbour's house not wanting anyone to do anything for him but to please save his only remaining family member.

    It's just horrific and beyond imagination.

    A royal commission will be undertaken to find out how the hell this was all possible.

    At one stage the biggest fire was 100 kilometres in width and moving 1.5 kilometres every few minutes. This is obviously how people got stuck. I think some people were told they had a better chance in their home - and they didn't. Others who left got cornered or smashed into other cars and all caught on fire.

    It's something the likes of us in Oz have never seen before...hopefully we will never see again. Thankfully the weather has cooled but I believe there are still 30 or so fires going in Victoria, there are some I think in NSW....the military has been called as well as firefighters throughout Australia and there is a donations appeal today and also on thursday.

    Thank you for your kind wishes. I send my prayers to people in victoria with much much love from Sydney.

    Here's a link to one of our news sites


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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Forey
    While I agree with everyone the first thing we should do is pray, but I also found this:

    Australian Red Cross

    It is the Australian Red Cross Relief Fund.

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  • Profile picture of the author Norma Holt

    It is the most heartwarming story of the day to be told that American firefighters have arrived today to help with the fires. The reports of a few hours ago said that Victoria had no more firefighting resources to tackle new blazes.

    That is despite units from Canberra, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia on the ground working there. We need help from anyone and everyone who has firefighters to spare or fire fighting experience to contribute. Money is one thing but hands on help is vital.

    God bless you all for your thoughts, prayers and concerns. It means a lot to all Australians.

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  • Profile picture of the author Jeremy James
    My heart is saddened as I read these stories. May the God of peace shower you with comfort from above. May the Australians feel the Presence of God, who binds up the brokenhearted, and heals ALL wounds. I pray that the Australian people learn to cast their cares on God, for He cares for them. God is near the broken hearted.

    Jesus is there. I pray that His Presence, His Peace, His comfort, and His joy will be there. I pray that the provision of God will be made manifest to this people.

    It has been my experience that where sadness or low times come, God opens a deeper capacity for a relationship with Him, which gives more joy, more peace, more contentment.

    My Australian friends, please, I exhort you, call out to Jehovah God for protection, and call out to Jesus Christ for peace, comfort, and most importantly, His love. His love washes all, cancels all, satisfies all.

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