OMG JVM1 Is Driving Me NUTS Right Now!

by Tracy Yates 3 replies
If any Warrior out there could possibly tell me what the heck is happening with my JVM1 and members not being able to log in, please, could you post up a solution? Or PM me with one?

Here's what's happening....

I've added all my current members manually inside JVM1 and manually selected unique passwords for them. I first set them up as "Customers" with their specific details and then added them to the "Membership" section.

Hopefully I did the above the right way. If not, someone please let me know and how to do it right.

Seems like all is fine after they initially log in the first time, but if they try and log in again the next day or later, they are blocked out because their username and password won't be accepted by JVM1 for some weird reason.

I have absolutely no clue why this is happening and am hoping that someone out there has had to deal with this issue themselves that might have the solution I'm looking for before my members virtually behead me!

Thanks to all that read this and can help.

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