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Hi All,

I have spent quite a while on this forum learning about the business there is a lot of things to confuse & distract a newbie. At this moment I'm doing my niche keyword research & working out what kind of website to setup. I'm not sure how to do this, I don't want to do review sites comparing products.
I thought of setting up a niche site with separate pages to my articles & include relevant adsense block on each. Maybe have a separate link/pages to a relevant product review/cpa offer that does not conflct with the article page.That is one per page not a conflict of several.
I am aware that this business model takes time to get money from and requires quite a bit of work. I don't know if it will work, some people here on the forum seem to be making a small living at it and I have to start somewhere.
I don't mind writing, I feel more comfortable with that than with sales/hype related stuff, and I am good at research. My question is, this the way everyone else is setting out their article marketing websites? Do you in your opinion think this is a doable model and the best way of monetizing the site.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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    The key to making this work is driving traffic to your site, and it has to be
    traffic that is going to be interested in what's there.

    Probably the best way to do that is to write articles for the purpose of
    submitting to directories and then in your resource box direct them to your
    site (whichever page you want to send them to) in order to get more
    information, where they'll then be greeted by more articles.

    If the content is good, whatever call to action you have at the end of your
    articles just might get them to take some action. And of course if you place
    your Adsense blocks strategically (my method is before, in the middle and
    at the end of the article) you may get some income from them as well.

    Personally, it's not my favorite business model but if you drive enough traffic
    (that's the key) you can do okay.
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    You seem to be looking for a business model that includes writing of articles. This can be part of the system as a means of attracting traffic and backlinks - as well as revenue.

    1. One effective approach is to choose a niche where you can identify a number of products for sale and set it up along the following lines:

    2. Gather 20-30 relevant articles from PLR or article directories and set them up as individual pages on your website.

    3. On each page include a section above the fold where you have a graphic for an affiliate (or your own) product that is related to the subject matter of the article. You could also use Adsense or CBProAds as a means of monetizing the page.

    4. Then write a number of "teaser " emails which refer to the article at your website. Set up these emails to go out say twice per week. These provide easy original material that reflect your own personality.

    Make sure that your emails contain a link to the article being promoted.

    5. Then you can spend most of your time attracting opt-ins into your system, which has been set up to automatically interact with them using quality material.

    6. Promote the opt-in pages by writing articles, PPC, offering free reports and downloads, etc. The pages you write can also be placed on your website.

    Add more articles to the system (your website) if you wish.

    The heart of the system is to drive traffic first to your squeeze/opt-in pages and then direct those on your email list to the pages on your website - these have been set up to earn revenue.

    A variation of this model is to place a quality popover on the article pages and capture the visitor details from traffic sent to article pages. A good example of the software for this is Matt Callen's Instant Popover. I found a discount page for this at:

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    Thanks Steven,
    That's a boost to my confidence.
    I suppose at the end of each article I include a link to another page for a relevant product referral and get a few sales that way, after all the reader has seen the valuable content. The articles sent to ezine articles would of course include the link driving traffic to my website for viewers to see more content.
    Thanks again.


    Have a great day

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