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Hello fellow Warriors, hope your having a great day can you please review my site http://theweightlossinsider.com/ and tell me your opinion and also just check out the squeeze page if you think I should make any changes to capture A higher percentage of leads

P.S. If you got any tips to get leads fast to a weight loss niche that would be much appreciated and again have a great day. Thank You
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      Sorry was getting a bit excited it should be up now
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    Does it make any cash? It looks nice
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    two quick observations:
    1. Where's the quality content?
    You don't seem to have anything worth reading....
    2. Font size, way to small.

    PS. also those facebook/twitter images to big look cheap.
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    Congrats on your site I know weight loss is a competitive niche.
    For me it seem to all blend together maybe change background color nothing seems to really pop.
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    Text size and color. Kinds hard on the eyes to read
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    Nice Job with your site. Good looking wordpress theme. I would keep adding quality content and build backlinks.

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    Congrats on your site.

    A few suggestions:

    -may want to think about removing the feature roll at the top of the home page, it is causing the sidebar to blink (at least in my browser)

    -your home page content looks to be more of an About Us. You may want to move all of it to an about us page

    -the content on your blog needs to be updated. Many of the articles I read were basically questions and answers that were less than 100 words in length. If you are looking to rank in google, you need longer articles that are optimized for the search engine.

    -Also I didn't see how your site was monetized (of course that may not be your goal of the site).

    I think it is a good start, the popup does look good, and if you can get your site to rank high, you will see a lot of traffic because this is a big niche.
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    Hey - I like it, you have a nice start. Here are some quick observations...

    1) The header has 3 bullet points. Perhaps tweak them to make them more benefit oriented. Instead of "Diet and weight loss success strategist" you would write "Reach your weight loss goals with expert advice" or "Get the body you've always wanted with our expert advice."

    2) The main home page slider looks like its rotating 3 pages or posts. It seems to me that the most important one would be the sign up form for coaching vids - not the Twitter and FB. If that's the case, lose the slider and just leave the Video coaching signup. Whatever your primary goal is, give that the primary real estate - as it is, there are 3 main choices...opportunities to lose people to a much less desired outcome. What would you rather have - a Twitter follower, or a video coaching sign up?

    3) Tweak the style on the H1 and H2. In the body it looks like 2 headlines, with the second one hard to read because it is a bold font with tightly formed letters.

    4) Body text is way too small - make it really easy to read.

    5) The image of the group of people looks like the aspect ratio was changed. Find a good image and make sure that it renders properly on the page.

    6) In the sidebar, I would lose the "categories" widget - just takes up space and adds clutter.

    7) Move the Banner with the Lose 7lbs in 7 Days to the top of the sidebar.

    8) The Popular Posts widget lists posts but it is really hard to read. Consider using a text widget and creating a set of links manually, so that you can make each link a punchy 4 or 5 word headline, without the distracting punctuation and spaces.

    9) For each page and/or post, perhaps develop content a little. I always shoot for a bare minimum of 250 words - and that's really not enough if you want the page to rank. 450 minimum is better. You have some great opportunities - on the How can I lose weight fast post, you have it set up like a Q&A - easy opportunity to crank out a few hundred words on the topic.

    10) If this is WordPress, try using a custom menu and making some top KW's your nav bar items, linked to some of your better content.

    Hope that helps!
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    this is a beautiful site however pretty doesnt necessarily convert I find that there is alot of visual bling (me eyes are torn in too many directions at once) you need to have a simple precise visual flow and having a pop over doesnt always convert that well either here is one of my super high converting squeeze pages look at how simple it is Affiliate Marketing For Dummies | Make Fast Money Online | Easiest Way To Make Money I actually found your next page that you are directed to on your site better . Now its not as artistic but better weightlosssecretsreport.com: Home how ever even on that site the optin form is below the fold it needs to be in site right when you land on the page
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      Thanks for your advice that's great guys, will take everything on board again thanks
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