High Definition Video Capture Software

by Xepa 2 replies
Anyone know any free or cheap software programs
for my CanonHV30? Trying to make some promotional
videos for a product, but none of the capture programs
I have can convert the miniDV tapes to the computer
because it's high def.
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    If any of your friends have a fairly new Mac, I think the iMovie HD software that comes with the Mac will capture HD video from your Canon.

    But if you do that, better plan to also do your editing on the Mac. It would probably be frustrating to try to move the video from a Mac to a Windows machine.

    Steve Robertson
    R.A.M. Video
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      Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum should do the job for you. Search on google there is a free 30 day trial download as well.

      I also have a HV30 and that's what I use to capture. It works great.
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