Affiliate networks are stealing your money...

by Tech19
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If you are promoting an affiliate offer without capturing your own leads, that affiliate network is essentially stealing your time and money...

I would be willing to best that a lot of people here started direct linking to affiliate offers at the very beginning. For the most part, people that are new do this because it's easier. No setting up a webpage, squeeze page, autoresponder, follow-up campaign etc. The problem is, you never get any lifetime value out of the traffic you are generating. Why would you want to spend hours and hours writing articles, doing keyword research, backlinking, so that you can get a person to visit your site 1 time.. Or even worse, spend tons of money on advertising to monetize a buyer only one time!

This is not to say that you can't be profitable doing it, because like many others I have. But I'm talking about building a sustainable business. Every now and then I will direct link to test a new offer and see how well it converts. The bulk of my business is dedicated to capturing data. There really is no debating the fact that a subscriber is much more valuable than a visitor.

My advice is this.. If you are not doing anything to capture data, start doing it now. Margins in this business are becoming smaller and smaller, and if you want to survive you have to get the absolute most out of the time and energy you are spending. For affiliate networks it's easy money, and most of the time they are capturing leads from the time/money you spent to send people there.
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    good point really
    so do you capture their email, and then send them to the affiliate page?

    Get Keyword Reseacher at

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    Part of the reason why only around 5% succeed
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    Very Very good points and for someone who is starting out in CPA this should be definitely taken care of.

    Thanks for the heads up.
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    What programs do you use to capture your leads?
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    Originally Posted by Tech19 View Post

    If you are promoting an affiliate offer without capturing your own leads, that affiliate network is essentially stealing your time and money...
    Excuse me, but no.

    They are PAYING YOU for your time and money generating those leads.

    If you don't also collect and keep those leads yourself, then you may not have them, but it's not because they've been stolen. It's because you threw them away.

    The affiliate network did not make you throw them away. They didn't tell you to throw them away. You just threw them away all by yourself. And that is your own dumbass fault.
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