Things you must implement in order to generate results. prt. 1

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Things you must implement in order to generate results. prt. 1

Hello everyone,

If you find yourself struggling to make money with Internet Marketing, I can guarantee that you aren't implementing one or more of these skills or mindsets.

So to not waste any of more of your valuable time lets get right into it!

Everything i am going to share with you can be broken down into two major category's:

And those category's are:

Generating Leads
Generating Sales

This seems pretty simple right?.. If you don't know how to Generate Leads then no one will ever be able to see what you have to offer, no to solve this you need to work on your methods of advertising.

But then lets say that you are generating a good amount of traffic but not experiencing any sales, then you simply need to work on your web copy and sales copy.

Ok so now that you know the two most crucial elements to running a successful business its time to show you how to start using them to your advantage!

First off we will be talking about generating leads, now there are several ways to generate leads but the first that we are going to focus on is free marketing.

There are tuns of ways to use free marketing but we are going to discuss the ones that are more profitable in growing your knowledge and your business.

The first form of free marketing would be "Web 2.0" which would consist of:





usually i would have youtube in the category of video marketing, but sense there are excellent tools like: Http://

Which allows you to send your videos to the most popular social medias online!

Now Web 2.0 marketing is so important because it allows you to effectivley connect with so many prospects on a more personal level, and this my friends is powerful stuff!

Allowing people to know more about you and who you are instills a sense of confidence in your prospects which with the right information will can give you the presence of a guru and also is excellent for personal branding, "more on personal branding later".

To effectively use web 2.0 you must be constantly giving value to your viewers, always teaching and giving them feedback into what you have been doing in your business to generate the results that your prospects are dyeing for.

So if you aren't currently using any of these forms of free marketing to be generating leads, there is no better time than the present! You would be amazed at how Many individuals are already into action looking for help and ready to help others.

As a quick little side note, the most effect method out of those mentioned above is most def youtube.

So the sooner you can start making videos and posting them up with links to all of your sites and capture pages the better, but remember that youtube alone isn't as strong as youtube with all of the others.. you link them all together and you have one strong business model!

The next form of free marketing is "forums" which would consist of:





Forum marketing is where people all over the world come to meet new people and learn and share there ideas and success storys, its where people are able to hook up with other internet marketers who may share the same passion or a common objective.

When you become a part of these forums you will be able to have the most targeted prospects you could ever create! this is possible because everyone who is in these forums are there for one reason and one reason only, and that is to grow there business.

So just like before if you are not currently using forums in your free marketing to generate leads then head over to these sights and join our community.

We are always looking to grow our business bigger and stronger with every person we meet.

Another form of free marketing would be " Writing Articles", great places to post these articles would be:



Now although there are several other sites out there, these are the two that i confide in the most.

Now you are more than welcome to search out others on your own, but until you have gotten the hang of it i feel that these two will be sufficient for now.

Article Marketing is really powerful because it is really easy to get you're articles optimized for the search engines because article are content rich.. and search bots LOVE content!

Just be sure that before you get started writing your articles you take a lil time digging into seo (search engine optimization) which is what the search engines use to determine the relevancy of your value ie. content.

Ok so now real quick what is personal branding and why is it so powerful?

Personal branding is all about getting YOU out in front of as many people online as possible and giving them the content needed to see you as a professional that cant help them with whatever issues they are currently facing!

Its "you inc."

Its letting people know who you are and exactly what you plan to achieve with your presence online!

and most people have it all backwards, they spend all of there time branding there company and talking about what people will get if they join your company.. well that only sets you up for failure.. because these people dont want to hear about your company, well will eventually... but they want to know why they should join you instead of the other 1000 people they saw selling the same company talking about the same company bennies and product info..

People want you to give them a real reason why they should join "You inc."

So remember to make your presence known and always give the people what they want, which our industry "internet marketing" is Value! and Training! and SUPPORT!

Now i emphasize on support because in this day and age too many people are concerned only with getting more people into there programs than there are people who actually take the time to help nurture there business partners as they grow into success entrepreneurs themselves..

And that is truly sad! because the more people you truly help the more people will truly want to work with you!..

Now lets get into SEO a little bit, now to teach you everything you need to know about seo would be impossible in this post so i am going to refer you to the best free source that i know of! and that is:


This site will go into detail exactly what it is you need to know in order to master your seo skills.

Ok everyone.. i think that this will be enough information to keep you buisy for a little while...

So this is where we will end part one on generating leads with free marketing to build your internet marketing empire...

until next time,
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