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Ok, I have been thinking about this and I would like to see what you have to say about it. I know of a way that i can get 100% unique, copyscape passed articles, however it does require a little bit of work. (No its not article spinning or anything like that.) But here is my question. Would i be better off putting those articles on AC for about 4$ each, or should i sell them to Warriors. For example, I could run a WSO and give each person a unique pack of articles that no one else has. If the pack contained 100 content and keyword rich articles, do you think people would buy them. How many sales do you think i could get? For 100 articles on AC i would get about $400. But for a WSO, if i sold each pack for $27 ( I think a fare price for this offer), i would need to sell at least 15 to get the same profit. This is just running through my head, anyways let me know what you think.
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