Buying 100 C-Class IPs: ADVICE NEEDED on sending out 15K emails for client TONIGHT!!!

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Here's my situation:
I've till midnight pacific time tonight (10 hours) to get 1,500 opens out of 15,000 from a client's real estate list / database * they've been sending via InterSpire but have only managed 300 opens over the last two months (monthly newsletter) so they're blacklisted, etc. right?

Here's my plan:
I've already 100+ domains / websites that are live / clones - I've a master website and 99 slaves - when I put something into the master it populates thru the other 99 but I can modify each slave without any effect on the master. So I'm thinking of uploading 150 email addys on each and sending out at 20-30 per hour over 6-8 hours across 100 websites.


*** Definitely willing to subcontract this work if you're available now / tonight and reasonably priced! ^_^
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