Qualified Reviewers Required For My New Product in Exchange for Candid Testimonials. Limited spots.

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EDIT: All spots have gone, big thanks to all the warriors who put up their hands.

Warrior Testimonial

WARNING: The following opportunity is only available to 12 ½ Warriors. PLEASE ONLY request a review if you can send your testimonial to me by Monday FEB 23rd...

Here's an incredible opportunity for you to get your hands on my new product: Business Lemonade ($97 value!)

It's not officially launched yet, so you'll be getting an edge on the rest of the pack...

Most IM products out there push the "Make More Money" aspect of running an online business but Business Lemonade takes a slightly different tact - it's about how to REDUCE COSTS in your online business.

I WISH I would have had this product as a resource when I was growing my business. It
would have saved me MANY, MANY thousands of dollars (literally)

What's required on your part: After you have reviewed the product in exchange I'd love to hear your feedback and testimonials. Your testimonial will get displayed on my sales page with your website address and photo (please provide me with these as well). Each testimonial should ideally be 5 sentences to 2 paragraphs long. Moreover, suggestions for further improvements are also welcome.

I will also be launching this as a WSO at some point down the track, so in addition to using your testimonial on my sales page I'd also like your permission to include it within the WSO copy.

PM me if you're interested. Confirm in your PM that you can send a testimonial ASAP by next week. Also reply here that you'd like the review.



P.S. I'm based in Melbourne, Australia so I may not be able to respond straight away if you are located on the other side of the world. Please be patient: I WILL respond to all messages, thanks
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