Who are you stalking?

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Who (on the warrior forum) do you search out on a daily basis? When you use the search function on this forum, who do look for?

Every day when I log on to the forum, I begin a search of certain user names. I have found great content consistently surrounding certain individuals ("Birds of a Feather . . . ") Certain folks tend to congregate and turn a candle into a torch.

I initiated a search recently and found regular "who is your favorite guru" or "where are you subscribed" threads; however, I have not seen a recent thread that is specific to "helpful warriors"

When you log on, what or whom do you seek and how do you do it?

I will share "mine" if you share "yours." While my intent is selfish I hope that others find value in this flavor of discussion.

thanks in advance

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    Come on, there must be some "WF Stalkers" willing to put their hand up!:rolleyes:
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    While there are quite a few Warriors whose posts I quite enjoy reading (too many to name, plus I recognize their avatars more than their names), I can't say I ever used the search function just to look for particular users and read their posts.
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    want to give this one more shot, I'd really like to know: whom do you seek out here, why, and how you go about it.
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    I also don't seek out a particular warrior, I just enter what it is I'm looking for. So If I want information on link building I would enter exactly that etc. And I get a whole selection of warriors on that topic.

    War Room Member

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    do you folks have any special methods (i.e. search on username + article syndication)? How do you derive maximum punch?
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    I also do not seek out or search for certain warriors. I search for topics.

    Of the few warriors that I've noticed, I just click on their name and see all their posts or threads.

    I remember posters more by their avatars than their names too.
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    There are some very skilled specialists on this forum, too many to name, but if I need a question answering, chances are they will have already answered it so I look at their threads.
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    topkat22, whitedove,

    while i acknowledge that topic searches are important, i guess the true question is: Who do you trust among your fellow Warriors?

    Some folks delight in the role of the Pied Piper while others tell it like it is and take pains to do so. To be fair; some provide abundant information w/ good intentions; however, discernment and distillation are required.

    Some Warriors provide excellent and useable information but the presentation is gruff or even painful (think smashmouth football) . . . I still seek them out as the information is

    thanks in advance
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      Originally Posted by aaronlovesshel View Post

      Who do you trust among your fellow Warriors?
      We can only guess that you must be stalking "Shel"? But I don't know if Shel's even a Warrior ...
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    i use the search box for information that i'm looking for... the biggest question that i seen on the WF is "internet traffic".

    i agree with the longer warriors here the search box is best for topics of information.

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    Richard Patterson
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    Indeed I stalk Shel (my sweet wife,) she is not a warrior and is not convinced yet of the virtues to be found here.

    as to those here on the forum, i think it fair that i share as well:

    Paul Uhl - article marketing / syndication
    Alexa Smith - article marketing / syndication (no discomfort intended here Alexa)
    Steven Wagenheim - article marketing
    AndyHenry - sometimes "in your face" or "smashmouth" but I like to see what he says
    JohnMcCabe - another guy who is sometimes gruff but information is consistent

    there is the beginning of my list

    cheers from across "the pond"

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