Finding your Mojo. (your groove)

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First and foremost, do not get lost in envy. Embrace those who are successful and keep your dreams alive. Wake up everyday and breathe Inspiration, Stretch your arms in hope and Walk with your Head Up!

There are lots of people still trying to put all of this IM / online / business stuff I felt inspired to write....

Two of my favorite quotes...(and if you know anything about me...I recite these frequently...because I live by them) are by Og Mandido and his Greatest Trilogy.

1. "Failure will never overcome you as long as your determination to succeed is strong enough"

2. "You must Persist until you succeed"

Listen, Everyone has a purpose, everyone has something that they
have done, read, studied, failed at, succeeded at, learned and the list
goes on. If you are a member of this forum...then I would classify you as an Entrepreneur. The bottom line is that you are here because you want want to achieve a higher level of success.

You are here because you have been on a mission to enhance your business, build a business and create a better life. And one came across the Warrior Forum. Call it fate, call it a result of past failures, call it whatever you may.....the bottom line is is the stepping stone you have been looking for (if you are still trying to figure all of this out). And if you are a seasoned Marketer / Business Owner then you have already figured out and Know the Power, Knowledge, Success, Innovation, Mentorship and Sound Advice this Community has to offer.

And although I do not know Allen, the creator of this vibrant community, it is clearly evident that his vision and what it has blossomed into resembles a bit of Mr. Mandido's words. And although I have not had the opportunity to speak with Allen and engage in conversation about HIS Inspiration and steadfast commitment for creating this community I would venture to say that part of it was out of a love for Helping others succeed, helping others achieve, helping others by creating a Learning Organization that is comprised of like minded people who are genuinely concerned about helping others succeed with Online Marketing and life.

There are several Wonderful Threads here that have everything you need to be successful with your online business. And really at the end of the day...if you are a member here there is no real need to spend money on ANYTHING...other than the costs that are necessary to build the foundations of your business.

But yet, even with all of the Million Dollar Advice in here some people are still trying to figure it all out...trying to figure out their place in all of this, at times, Mystical World of Opportunity. Trying to figure out "How They too Can enter the Club of 1k, 10k, 50k + month earners."

The truth can be and is easier than you think. Although it is easier than you think do not discredit the fact that it takes vision, energy, and work. But this does not mean that it has to be Hard!

You see, just by being here shows that you are motivated, eager and willing to take steps to get on that path. Just by being here...even if you are a lurker you are taking the necessary steps to better yourself and grow a business.

We hear everything in here from becoming a consultant and charging for services, creating blogs and article marketing, niche marketing, how to earn more money with different methods.....and taking action. And although I do not have statistical information to back this up...I would say that on THIS Forum over 70% of all this advice is 100% Spot on.

So whats the problem?
Why are you still having issues?
Why are you still suffering from information overload?
What is holding you back from moving forward?

You need to discover YOUR Mojo....Your Rhythm....YOUR WAY!

Mostly everything you read about mind set is TRUE. It does come down to your mindset. The sky is the limit! You can do anything you put your mind too....and for some it is a matter of getting over the fear of taking the first steps. But you need to dig a bit deeper. You need to get to the core of what your goals and dreams are. You need to plan out your mission to acheive the results you want.

A fundamental issue I run into with all of my students and even collegues at times is that they have got their mojo wrong. There are many paths..and people who are athletes may not be good musicians. People who are Doctors may not be good as lawyers. People who are great online Consultants may not be great at PPC and Good Writers may not be Good Consultants.

What you are good at, what gets you excited, what interests you, your experiences. It is easy to see and be consumed with what everyone else is doing. The problem manifests when you try and follow suit in completely uncharted waters. This is especially true with internet marketing. It does take some time to learn....and certain methods that may work for others may not work for you....the same way I will never be a mojo isn't there.

Put yourself on the fast track by digging deep....pull from YOUR experiences, Your Interests. Grab a piece of paper and begin mapping out Your Uniqueness. The things that interest you, things you are good at, you enjoy.

Write down everything you can the good and the bad. Mold it, work it define your objectives, what PARTS of ONLINE MARKETING APPEAL TO YOU! If you find PPC extremely fascinating then dive in...and focus on IT...and nothing else (temporarily) The reason I say this is because you will learn faster...when you are into it...

If you are intrigued by article marketing....dive in...focus SOLELY on get my drift.
It does not matter....What Does Matter is that YOU Enjoy It.... What works for me may not work for you. And none of us want to be miserable on a daily basis...the only person that can change it is you.

There are hundreds of ways to make money online. The Trick is to fit the method that works best with you. The method in which you can get your MOJO going.

Getting into a rhythm that jives with YOUR INTERESTS. This is no different than being in a class that you hated in school. You hated it...and probably had a rough time with it...same thing goes with a job...if you do not enjoy what you do...then you will more than likely not be as good as you could be if you were doing something else.

Not to mention it is much more difficult to learn...

And at the end of the long as you earning a living, ARE HAPPY and paying the bills...does it really matter how much you are making? If you enjoy article marketing...if thats your gig...and you do it well...why try PPC? If you Suck at selling services...why set your self up and put your self into something that makes you uncomfortable.

It is important to define your strengths and weaknesses before you jump in with both anything. Haste makes waste and watched water never boils.

Just because you are a school teacher...does not mean you cannot be good at Internet Marketing. Just because you are a Clerk does not mean you do not have anything to offer.

Pick subjects and niches that YOU are interested in. Evaluate systems that YOU Feel you would enjoy doing. Once you find YOUR MOJO and block out the other will begin to see your efforts reap rewards...the enrichment and bigger bank account will come...once you find your rhythm.

"Persist until you succeed". Live each day with anticipation. "Failure will never overcome you as long as your determination to succeed is strong enough".

ok...i need to stop before I write an eBook here....just wanted to share some thoughts...

Highest Regards,

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    Great stuff here, thank you!
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    Hey Sean,

    GREAT POST. It's nice to be reminded why we're all really here.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks so much Sean, it's kind of you to share this with us and it's certainly got me thinking a lot more.

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      Thanks everyone....this will be the best day, of the best week, of the best month, of the best year EVER....because its the only day you've got!
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    Originally Posted by The IM Reporter View Post

    ....just wanted to share some thoughts...

    Isn't that what blogs are for?
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    Originally Posted by The IM Reporter View Post

    1. "Failure will never overcome you as long as your determination to succeed is strong enough"

    2. "You must Persist until you succeed"

    Hi Sean...

    Cliches and quotes can be a little funny...On the other side of the coin, we have expressions like:

    Don't beat a dead horse.


    Don't bang your head against the wall.

    Ever notice a fly that keeps banging against a window, trying to get out? Then come back a few hours later and the fly is laying on its back, 6 legs up, dead on th ewindow sill...

    A few years ago a Warrior told the story of how some would put some fruit in a glass jar. Monkeys would come and put their hand in the jar, and while grabbing the fruit, the monkeys would make a fist, which made their hand too big to get out of the jar.

    The people then catch the monkeys, as the monkeys couldn't get away with the jars stuck to their hands, so they were captured and eaten by the people.

    All the monkeys have to do to escape is let go of the fruit in the jar, but they are so sutborn and refuse to let go, that they are caught and become dinner.

    The moral: Sometimes we need to let go.

    Sorry about this, but I've always had an interest in conflicting "words of wisdom", such as, is it:

    The earlier bird catches the worm.

    Or is it...

    Patience is a virtue.
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