How much would you buy Alexa 470 site for (20 Mil Vists Per Day)?

by AndreVas 2 replies
Just curious as to know what to expect when selling such a site.

And asking on this forum because most smart folks are here, hence most accurate judgement.

> It's got 550,000 active users. Does 4000-5000 new signups per day. (The other millions don't count since they're inactive).

> 20 Million Visits per day.

> US$10,000+ per month. Or US$100,000+ p/m with ads on user pages. (Right now we removed ads from user pages to boost signup rate, hence it's dong 10K).

> Type of site/biz: Semi paid/free hosting.

> Age: Since June 2006.

> Google indexed pages: 1.9 million

> PR: Homepage 6. Other pages (like "About us", "Terms of Service", "Plans", etc... are PR 5-6). This EXCLUDES PR4+ for thousands of user pages.

Reason for asking: Main purpose of a business (at least of this size) is to SELL IT. And I'm planning on selling by 2010. So like to know what's expected based on answers I get here.

Thanks all.


P.S. If you already know the URL of the site, please don't share it here. It's a hosting site. That's all one needs to know.
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    with virtual real estate the usual is to multiply your website earnings by 12 month or even 24 months. If your doing US$100,000+ p/m with user pages then $1.2mill - 2.4mill Damn thats alot of money to sell of. Is there such thing as selling half the business to someone but the agreement is that they run it? That way you still able to make cash out of it ?
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    Channeling your page rank can help you... Don't know the industry, but your "about us", TOS pages etc. dont need to have any PageRank... unless they make you money. Anything that I can do to help you, just let me know.
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