I am new and need advise

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Hi all

I am new to this internet forum thing. Sorry if I make any mistake.

I work for an offline health magazine publication writing health articles. I was thinking doing the same on the internet, (to earn extra income) but not sure where I should go to offer my service. Heard that offering PLR articles of not more than 20 licence is a good start.

Can anyone advise me where I can go to 'advertise' my service and what is the best to price my articles - say 10 articles for 500 words each article?

Learning to do keyword search now to make my article niche targeted.

BTW, I just started the health blog for the magazine and it's now 6 months and just hit my 10,263 visitors. You can read my articles there and any comments about my writing is greatly appreciated. My blog is Healthy Times Magazine Blog.

thank you
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