Awesome FREE Tool For Niche Research!

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Google has many cool things that some people don't even know exist!

I thought I'd share this cool free tool with you guys that is great for niche research. It's called Google Insights: Google Insights for Search

Basically, you type in a keyword and it shows you which areas that particular keyword phrase is searched for the most. How can this help you?

1. It can help you geo-target your ads (PPC, PPV, Facebook PPC, or help with any geo-targeted campaign)

2. If you do Craigslist marketing, you can find out in which cities/countries the product you're promoting is most popular, and promote it there!

3. Offline marketers can use it as a great tool to find out which areas people are searching for "SEO services" and related keywords the most when targeting offline businesses.

All around I find it to be great for niche research... Has anyone else found this tool useful? And for any other reasons than the ones mentioned above?

If it's new to you, enjoy!

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