SUCCESSFUL internet marketer's strategies?!

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Is there any source that has a "timeline" of the top internet marketers professional lives?

Basically i want to see the path that a lot of them took to get to where they are.

Any books/websites/blogs out there that have this?
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    I think it is going to vary greatly. Some had some marketing experience offline, while others started online. Probably the biggest misconception is they got rich quick. In most cases, they developed something over several years. That was certainly the case with me.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      There are so many people outside of the IM niche making a lot of money that you will never hear about.

      I have made many millions online, but even if I posted my name no one on this forum would have ever heard of me... My neighbor has made 10x more than me from his online businesses and you will never have heard of him either. I have four other friends that have made at least mid-seven figures online that no one has ever heard of.

      That's because most successful online entrepreneurs don't sell information products about "How To Make Money Online", yet those are the ones most people on this forum will have heard of. The IM niche is almost like a "closed loop" where few people inside the loop seems interested in the rest of the online business world.

      If you are looking for inspirational stories (and strategies) from people that have made a lot of money I would look outside the IM niche. There are some great people in this niche for sure, but there are many more that are making more money "in the real world".

      One guy that inspired me some years ago is Frank Schilling. I read a story about him saying something like the following quote:

      When I was traveling over here (to Europe) I was laying in the bed at the back of this private Boeing 737 and I had to pinch myself in the arm and ask myself: "Do I really deserve this?"
      Since he started doing stuff online long after me I just had to look into what he was doing after having read that. Only then did I realize how many stupid decisions I had made for so many years building my online businesses. Anyway, he became a great inspiration to me after that. You can read an interesting article about him here: Nice Guy Finishes First: How Frank Schilling Won the Domain Race After Starting at the Back of the Pack

      I've made over $6 million dollars in profit from simple websites, mostly affiliate sites. Click here if you want to learn my simple formula for success, and want my team and I to help you build your online business [WSO].

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    Hi the real deal That was Awesome.. Thank for sharing !
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    I havent came across anything like this, but you could make your story an inspirational story if you took action right away and learned from your mistakes.
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    Most of successful Internet Marketers are underground-type of people which you may never heard of them.

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