Recruiting Affiliates: What do they look for?

by Sagar Mehta 6 replies
Hi everyone,

I've been pondering over for a while on how to recruit affiliates when your product isn't listed on Clickbank and PayDotCom.

I'd like to share some of my ideas and would love to learn the strategies other Warriors use to get affiliates (big or small) to promote their latest products. With the recent problems that we all have seen with CB, I'm a bit 'afraid' to list my product there (I do realize I'm losing out on potential affiliates by not doing so though)

The question I'd like to ask is: what do affiliates look for when agreeing to promote a product?

Here's what I feel:
A quality product with a proven record which is EASY to promote.

So that means one needs to have the following things ready when approaching affiliates:
  1. A good product (goes without saying? Or at least a decent enough product)
  2. A GOOD salespage (with or without graphics but the copy must be something that can actually SELL the offer)
  3. Peer reviews of products / Customer testimonials on the salespage
  4. An affiliate toolkit (AR emails, short reports to giveaway to their lists, banners and other graphics etc.?)
  5. A handsome/decent commission per sale
  6. Timely payments
One other thing I thought they would look for is the assurance that they'll be paid and paid on time at that. With products that are listed on CB (not sure about PDC) this assurance is automatic as CB has a reputation of timely payments as well as it handles everything itself).

With a product that has its own affiliate product (say, using Rapid Action Profits), we'll need to BUILD that trust. Am I right here?

What do you think? What other tools can be added to your arsenal when approaching affiliates?

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    Using good, trusted affiliate software such as Post Affiliate Pro or 1ShoppingCart and getting testimonials from your top affiliates will help you with credibility. Then just be sure to make your payouts on tiime.

    Also, there's two major things you can offer by running your own program that most network programs can not or just do not offer:

    1. Second tier program - pay your affiliate for bring you new affiliates

    2. Indefinite Commissions - really only matters if you have multiple products, but if you pay affiliates in perpetuity for leads they bring you that's a powerful draw for affiliates
    -David J. Kosmider
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    David, those are two great points - didn't think about it!

    Second tier commissions are would be an added plus. One thing though: wouldn't it mean more competition for affiliates themselves. It would be kinda like paying affiliates for creating competition for themselves

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    I've had good success w/ creating content for affiliates to use. Things like videos which can be downloaded from my site, and uploaded to the different video upload sites. Also - landing pages, emails, articles, review sites, blogs, keyword lists, etc.

    I'll just put together a boat load of stuff, like I'm about to start promoting it myself. And then upload it all to the affiliate page for them to use. Make it easy for someone to come on board and start making immediate money.
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    I like when the merchant gives me both articles and reviews on the product. Also it helps when someone gives a good reason for wanting a review copy to send them one if you see they have a history of writing articles around the net.

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    I'll just put together a boat load of stuff, like I'm about to start promoting it myself
    That makes perfect sense. Preparing material as if you're going to promote it yourself - nice.Waken: Thanks for pointing that thread out. I have it bookmarked myself - some interesting things in there which we never realize could turn off affiliates.

    Debbie: Do you usually look for products that have articles and reviews ready? What I mean to ask is that if a product doesn't provide affiliates with that material, do you pass up on it?

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