In Classified ads , Is it allowed to put affiliate links ?

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In Classified ads , Is it allowed to put affiliate links ?
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    I suggest that you submit a ticket: Warrior Forum Support

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    to be on safe side i would use a url shortner. just google "url shortner".
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    Hi, saw your post in regards to posting affiliate links...
    I will always use a regular domain name and then mask the affiliate link...

    If I am promoting a product chances are its going to be a couple of years
    so I get a domain name from go daddy or the like and spend 10 bucks to
    look professional... Image is everything...

    URL shortener work but only should be used when sending out something for a short

    Like if I am inviting someone to a webinar and its got a heck of a long link...

    A true domain name will show creditability and present a sense of professionalism.. Plus I would rather click on a domain name that is clean and short then one that is extremely long has a lot of characters and numbers...

    Hope that helped

    Have a awesome day
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