Direct Linking is Dead?

by Gina71 6 replies
Okay...So Yahoo and Google have stopped displaying my ads that are using my direct affiliate links.
They state the reason is that I do not own the website and they no longer allow advertisers to do this. You can only advertise if you own the site.

Has this happened to everyone? There must be a way around it.

Can anyone help me please?
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    This has been the rule for some time now. The way around it is to put up a landing page of your own. You want to do this anyway to improve your QS. Then you can build a list and a business.

    Another way around it is to buy a domain and redirect it.
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      This hasn't affected me until now. They must have reviewed/audited my account or something. I wasn't aware of this requirement. In fact several "gurus" recommend this strategy in their training materials. Disappointing.

      Okay. Thanks for the info. So-I will have to set up landing pages for every product.

      Several of my ad groups are using my domain names but are redirected to the owners' sites. Yahoo have been very clear that this is not acceptable either. I own the domain name but not the site. They say I must own the actual site.

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        Thx for the PMs, but I can't reply because I am too new to this forum.
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    I believe the best way around this is to develop content in the form of a landing page that is well targeted to the keyword phrases and pre-selling the product or service that you currently wish to direct link to.

    Pre-selling the benefits of a product may in fact increase your conversion rate. I recommend telling a story to illustrate the benefits.

    Just redirecting a domain may work for a little while, but is highly likely to suffer the same fate as your current ads.
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    Hey Gina, you can still direct link, problem is only one aff link will show for each keyword so you HAVE to outbid everyone else, which sucks. You can use some kind of redirect I think just to test, and then make a landing page if you have a winning campaign. If you need any more help send me an instant message ticklebug82 on yahoo and aim. Or check out my site below and leave a comment.

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      On the bright side, Gina, you can use the text on your page to pre-sell people on the product, which increases your conversion rate.

      Do it well, and you will actually make more per click than sending them straight to the sales page. There are some who recognise a sales page and click away immediately, and those ones will actually read your pre-sell because it ISN'T a sales pitch.

      We get about 50% click through from our pre-sell page to the sales page on an affiliate offer, and our conversion rates are much higher than the original traffic was showing.

      Another plus is that you can capture their email addresses and send them emails containing your affiliate links over several weeks - again, much better conversion.
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