Can I get anything for these sites if I sell them on Flippa?

by WebJen
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I have 4 sites I'd like to sell on Flippa or wherever. On 3 of the sites, the keyword phrases I chose for them turned out to not have enough traffic when I went back and searched exact matches. The other one was meant to be a computer help desk type of site and I built it on Drupal and I just don't have time to update it or optimize it.

Not all of the pages on each site are complete either. Some need more articles, etc. What do you think? Or do you need more info? Thanks.
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    The best way to make a profit on flippa is with adsense sites that earn a bit of money each day. Generally sites that aren't earning a profit don't sell very well. I'd recommend getting some traffic to those sites first then flipping them.
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    What sells on Flippa is
    - Valuable domain name
    - High PageRank
    - Ranked for good keywords
    - Loads of traffic
    - Some premium script like a flash gaming site, hotel reservation site etc. where there is potential to make money.

    If you don't have any of that, it's a waste of the $19 that flippa will charge you on listing fees.
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    Yes your value depends on the traffic, pagerank, niche domain name, income.. All buyers search for something different but to sell well, your site needs to be of value to them. For example, I just sold a site that I started back in july for $150. I think my total time investment was about 30 minutes total then I totaly abandoned the site. I was just trying to get rid of it really, but it makes about $6 per month in adsense. People love sites that are already making money, no matter how little. So I'll take the money no questions asked!
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    You may need to rethink your domain name choices if you are building sites for sale. Using your main keyword as the domain name is far more saleable
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    Remember , you can easily get 10x of how much your making a month, for example if one of your niche sites are making $50 a month you can easily get $500 a month.. keep that in mind. Thanks

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    you wont know until you stick them on there, try one site out, set a reserve. worst that happens is you lose $19

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