Does offering incentives to blog owners work?

by fin
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I've been reading a lot about Commentluv recently. I must say, their sales page is convincing.

It got me thinking. Is it worth it to offer more incentives to fellow blog owners, such as do-follow links?

Google isn't my concern and I don't really care about giving people do-follow privileges, but will this benefit me in anyway?
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    Do you mean benefit you, as a fellow blog owner?

    I have both dofollow and commentluv on my blog and I think it does increase my comments - which is what I want for my blog. see

    Ultimately, if you are blogging you want to build up your own web of links, I make a point to let my readers know that I am a dofollow blog and I see the rewards from it - traffic, regular readers, subs, etc.

    Hope that answers your question!
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