Re: Offline Cash Cow - What Parts of Autoresponder System Do You Actually Work On?

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I'm getting closer and closer to getting my offline cash cow system up and running.

Right now I've got a motivational speaker very interested in setting up an autoresponder system for his website. He wants to use it for people to purchase his seminars and basically what I've told him is we need to add a few emails with content, followed by a CTA for the seminar - simple stuff. I also told him I'd split test elements of the email sequence to improve the conversion rate.

When asked how much, I said $1500 + $500 for monthly updates. He was pretty happy with it, but seeing as I had only discussed general things with him he was still unclear at what exactly it is I'll be doing for him, so I need to put it in writing and if he's happy with it, he'll sign off on it and I'll have my first client!

Now I'm not too sure what to write in the contract, but I made a quick brainstorm and here's what I have so far:

Purpose: increase bottom line by setting up a good autoresponder system

What will I do for main setup?
-Design auto responder sequence
-Work with client to customize content of sequence to his business
-Split test the sequence 3x to maximize conversion rate

What will I do for monthly updates?
-Split test sequence 2x month
- Have 2x broadcasts at any time
If someone has their own contract made, I'd love to know more about it.

thanks in advance!
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    Personally I just use an email where I outline exactly what I'll do and when, what I expect from my client and how and when I'll be paid (usually it's 50% of the main fee in advance and 50% on completion of the main project).

    So I don't use a formal contract but I do make it very clear what I"ll be doing in what time frame and when my client has to pay me.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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      Yes, I think Andrew is right. And I've heard that using emails like this to specify scope of a project, pricing, payments and so on - is a legally-binding contract. To firm it up, it'd be good to get the client to reply with "Sounds good" or something to that effect.

      Much better than the formal contract-sign here route, imho. Unless you have reason to anticipate problems from the client somehow, that is.

      Hope this helps,

      "Sell the Magic of A Dream"

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      thanks for the good advice once again Andrew!

      Here's the agreement I just created and am about to send out to my first interested prospect:

      Main Autoresponder Package:
      -Map out a custom autoresponder sequence that is most effective for your business needs and will turn the highest percentage of prospects into customers
      -Work with you to help generate the most effective ideas of what content and incentives should be featured in the autoresponder
      -Install the opt-in form onto your website in the most effective location and in a neat way so that it flows well with your existing website design
      -Create a system to manage 2 lists which separates prospects from customers – I will create customized auto responder sequence + ideas for both lists.
      -FREE BONUS 1 with RRP $349: Split test the integral parts of your autoresponder sequence twice in the first month to increase the conversion rate.
      -FREE BONUS 2 with RRP $99: Free performance report for the first month sent straight to your inbox with all the key information you need to know.
      Total: $1500

      Profit Raising Value Add-on’s:
      -*Use my professional copywriting skills to write each email in the most effective way to connect with your prospect, and turn them into a customer
      $79 per email, $149 x2, $249 x4, $549 x8, $799 x16

      -I will manage multiple databases for your business to make each list more targeted to the individual prospect. Eg. You have a number of lists with tailored content for all the different prospects you target such as: students, teachers, parents, people with regular jobs, etc.
      This profit raising value add on alone will make conversions shoot through the roof.
      $699 per list

      -Split test the integral parts of your autoresponder to improve conversion rate
      $199 per test, $349 2x, $449 3x, $549 x4.

      -Prepare a professional and concise monthly pdf report that only shows you the important facts you need to know to analyse the autoresponder performance in only a few seconds.

      -Send out a broadcast email at the exact time and date you choose:
      $99 per email, $149 x2, $249x 4, $449 x8.

      *If you choose not to take up the professional copywriting help, you are required to write out each email yourself. You are not alone though, I will work with you to create an outline so that you know what to write about for each email.
      The expected turnaround time is 7-21 days – although this is largely dependent on your cooperation. If you cooperate well this can be finished in less than 7 days, if you don’t cooperate timely then it could take over 21 days. The cooperation I expect from you is a few short hours of brainstorming to figure out how to best communicate with your target market – after that I will take care of the rest.
      100% Money Back Guarantee: If you do your part which is bring a decent volume of targeted traffic to your website (something I can help you with) and the autoresponder does not convert that traffic into a single sale, I will give you 100% of your money back.
      Payment: 50% of the fee upfront, remaining 50% to be paid upon completion of project.

      I'll help double your AARRR metrics 80% faster than you've projected.

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        Alex, you agreement looks pretty thorough.

        Were it mine, I'd make a couple of tiny changes...

        Eliminate the word "most", as in "most effective" etc.. For one thing, if you already put things in the most effective places and write the most effective messages, why would he need all that split testing? You can offer placements with proven effectiveness, but it's hard to guarantee "most effective".

        In the same vein, I'd look for places to eliminate the "-est" from some of your adjectives, i.e. "turn the highest percentage of prospects into customers". The highest percentage is 100%.

        Some tiny points, to be sure, but they would tell me you were trying to sell me all over again. 'Maybe he isn't really that sure of himself? Should I rethink this?'
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    To write the contract,
    contact a legal pro.
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    Speaking as a former lawyer (who specialized in contract law), Andrew's advice is exactly right. An exchange of emails is perfectly binding in the U.S. Just make sure you are very clear on how you word your agreement. Better to err on the side of specificity than to be vague.
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