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Hey there,

I remember vaguely trying to advertise through Google Adwords nearly two years ago, and I know a lot has changed since then. I just set up a new account and have been playing with the different functions today.

We're releasing a product in a couple of days, and I'd love to start doing some test marketing with Adwords. Apart from this forum, I was just wondering what are the best blog posts, videos, or online resources to effective marketing through Google Adwords.

Anything that you've found helpful?

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    Originally Posted by kinkarso View Post

    Anything that you've found helpful?
    This book is tremendousThis book is tremendous - December 2011 edition.

    Some of Perry Marshall's stuff is quite good, too, but it's just not in the same league as the one above, in my opinion.

    Those "For Dummies" books tend to be spectacularly well written, well edited and professionally published, and the quantity of information in them, and its reliability, are second-to-none.

    I really recommend avoiding most online information and dealing only with the newest editions of standard textbooks published by mainstream, orthodox publishers.

    There's a very specific, very compelling reason for this being likely to be beneficial.

    Such textbooks have an enormous investment made in them by the publishers, before they're even printed. For this reason, they're obliged to be commissioned only from widely recognised, highly accredited, well qualified experts who are known and trusted, and their output is also peer-reviewed at every stage of its production.

    Online information, by comparison, just isn't subject to any realistic, meaningful "quality control" at all and can be devastatingly unreliable. A lot of it is just incentivised opinion from people selling things. Call me a skepchick, but over the last three years I've gradually and increasingly been realising that the generally prevalent views of many IM-related subjects expressed online, especially by its practitioners (who often have a direct or indirect financial interest in their own perspectives) can be little better than a collection of "urban myths of internet marketing".

    Reading a "traditional book" really does sometimes open up a whole different world.
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      Well the king of adwords has always been Perry Marshall. I would recommend reading any material from him. Good stuff!
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    For me , i still stay with the google resources for the google adwords knowledge .
    Learn more about the training materials available | Google Certification Program

    Or you may search on Google with Adwords Learning Center keywords .
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