Fantastic reviews for my ebook

by Harvey Segal 15 replies
The reviews I'm getting from the Warriors for my latest book
are absolutely superb.

What's even more amazing is that they are arriving before
the book is even read.

Look at this

* Thank's for the link, I will read it!

* Thank you, I'm checking it out!

* I will check it out ..thanks!

* on to this now too....

* hey,this great ill check that and download it later so that
it can help me in some ways need ...thanks and more power...

One person is even posting each stage of the process

- Ok, I'll see what it includes.

- I will download now

I'm going to add all of these to the testimonial page.

They'll be in a section titled

"Reviews from Warriors working their way to the 30 post mark"

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