If you do it for the money, stop it...

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If you're a IM'r for the money, you're doing it wrong...I see so many threads on "how to make money doing this or that" on here daily. Then I see followup threads of people talking about how they haven't made a dime in months, or years...that's because money is not the answer, it's the question, and the wrong one, and the answer is no. The real question is how can I find something i'm passionate about that has potential to *also make me money. Then the answer will be YES! say it with me YES! One more time YES!!! Passion is where it's at ladies and gentlemen, and then the money will follow.

Take my site for instance, it's about cheap VPS deals. I'm a big fan of VPS's and definitely cheap ones, so this niche made sense to me, and within a month my site has skyrocketed on search engines and all over because my passion and hard work bleeds through on the site. Granted, I'm not #1 in my niche yet, because i'm battling a behemoth that's held their ground for 4 years, but in a very short time i've conquered quite a bit of ground and I expect to conquer a lot more in months to come. Part of this was for tactical reasons(I launched when they were down hehe, always have to take advantage of opportunities!) but most of is just hard work, and that's because I want my site to be the authority for its space, I want it to be #1, so everyday I work on it, making it better.

So find what you enjoy and go after it! It doesn't matter if it's health, wealth, or sporting niches, if you put that extra effort in i'm telling you people will take note. Google hasn't climbed the ranks and completed dominated their space all this time because they look pretty...they did it because of an amazing product, that's had a lot of passion put into it. In fact some of you may not know this but for a long time Google did 0 marketing for their site, they just kept getting bigger and bigger because of word of mouth!
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    The contradiction to that though is that I have my fingers in so many niches,a lot of which I have no interest in, I'm there for the money.

    It's said that you should concentrate on what you are interested in, but what if you are interested in money?
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    Expertise comes not through knowledge or skills, but through practice
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    Definitely a key point here... it's a lot easier to give up if you don't have an actual interest in your niche or business endeavor. So, don't give yourself that chance!

    Find something you know you'll enjoy working on day after day, and what a bonus it will be when what you enjoy doing also pays for all of your living expenses and then some! :-)

    With that being said, it's not a bad idea to set financial goals as a way to also keep you motivated.

    Great message!

    Elizabeth Fee
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      This is a great post, very great advice for anyone trying to get started in this business.

      On the other hand, If your passion is marketing and you learn how to be a successful internet marketer, you can make money in any niche.
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      There's nothing wrong with working online for the money.

      What's wrong is expecting money to fall on your head just because you showed up.
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        Originally Posted by Kay King View Post

        There's nothing wrong with working online for the money.

        What's wrong is expecting money to fall on your head just because you showed up.
        The problem is, when money is your only motivator you're left unfulfilled and empty a lot of times. Is really no different than a 9-5 that people hate going to, but only go there to get payed. Part of IM is the freedom, so it makes no sense to spend your time doing things you don't care about just for the money. Because you can't buy back your time...and it's far more precious than the green stuff. That's really what I was trying to get at, obviously everyone likes to make money, but if that's your sole motivator, you maybe setting yourself up for a rough road...
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    Great post, and I'll add that in my experience focusing on money really does leave you unfulfilled, and often leads to frustration much more quickly. My approach is to focus on helping people in my specific niches. If you impact enough people in a positive manner, the money will follow. It's the old saying: "To make millions you must impact millions."
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    Money can be a brilliantly motivating factor if you set yourself clearly defined goals
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    Yes I do have freebies!

    Expertise comes not through knowledge or skills, but through practice
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    Elizabeth has it right. Do what you love....and it will come easier. Financial goals will keep it exciting, but it is tough to wade through the tough times if you don't enjoy what you are doing.

    The great inventor Thomas Edison was told by a friend he should take a vacation. Edison asked what one would do on a vacation. The friend replied, "Go somewhere you like to go and do something you like to do." Edison assured his friend that he would take a vacation starting tomorrow. The next day, Edison arrived at his shop as usual. The point--he was going where he liked to go and doing what he liked to do.

    If you are doing what you like to do, work becomes play.
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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    Some of the 'experts' usually recommend that newbies start with a passionate niche to keep them motivated long enough so that they can begin to turn a profit.

    Of course, you can enter whichever niche you like and make money - but I believe that many people do, in fact, lack motivation and don't 'stick it out' 'til the end. This is why they are recommended to dive into something they enjoy, in the hope that this will somehow (magically) allow them to persevere through the rough times.

    I'm not enthusiastic about my niches -- some are quite interesting, I'll admit -- but they're nothing I'm passionate about.

    Logic outweighs all.

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    sometime people especially newbie lack of focus and grab every possible opportunities, and making money not that easy like "guru" said out there.
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    I used to own a very successful ebay business a few years back, and i was making a killing. But i hated packing up products and driving down to the post office just to deliver them. I did it for the money, and i totally understand where you're coming from. That's why i quit my ebay business to pursue a path in internet marketing and information products.
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    I think you're more likely to succeed at something that you're passionate about, and will enjoy what you're doing.
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    This is true, you need to do IM because you have a "love" for it! I enjoy Learning everyday and trying to improve my skills. I enjoy everything about
    IM and feel that you have to have some self control when being in IM.
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    I think you're more likely to succeed financially and emotionally if you do what you love, or at least like. Internet marketing is NOT an easy way out; in fact, for an untrained and undisciplined person it can be one of the hardest ways to make money.

    Are you still struggling to grow your Internet business income? Learn the secrets that increased my income 700%--and can do the same for you--in my free report "5 Business Prosperity Secrets." Go here now to download your copy at no cost to you...http://www.businessprosperitysecrets.com
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    Hmm..not sure how to reply to this thread, so I'll try. I'm at a point financially where I play with offerings that affect a spreadsheet. I have plusses, and I have minuses here and there for each income pathway. What keeps me going in making money in the online world isn't so much a dollar amount, it's the actual "Game" of making money. I do not depend on my income from the online world in order to pay bills. I'm very much established offline where everything is taken care of financially, thankfully. So what drives ME online is the advancement of technology, developing business relationships, actually offering THINGS of value to people and then analyzing my various spreadsheets and papers on my spend,roi,planned rollouts, and other various sundries regarding any number of different items.

    I literally treat my online personna as an income warlord. My job is to fight the battle against a negative income line. When operating expenses start to exceed income, I need to go into a strategic retreat and redevelop a plan for that specific venture. When things are going well and I've identified something that can be blown out in a distributed manner across several niches, or ideas, I blow open the hatches and release the hounds, so to say. So I guess in that instance it is about making as much as i can, but my driving force is not an X amount of dollars. I just want to succeed. Period.

    Plus, being an innovator never hurt either
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