Starting With Good Foundations

by PaulJD
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As with any new business venture whether it be be a conventional brick built business or a business on the Internet. It is important that you Start With Good Foundations.

If you start your business in the right way you will have something that will not only support you but your loved one's for years to come.

When looking for help, knowing where to start, it is all to easy to get sucked into the latest promotion for the next best 'Push Button', 'Get Rich Quick System'. This type of system may or may not work for a while. If it does, as soon as the likes of Google finds the loophole that loads of people are using. They will very quickly plug that hole. Your newly founded business could end up 'Dead in the water' over night.

Yes, I have fallen into that trap, things like, 'Seven Clicks Of Your Mouse and the money pours into your bank account. So much no matter what you try you can not stop it, "Yeah Right"!!!

I can assure you this is no way to build a long term business on the Internet.

Your business must have good foundations. You don't expect to put up a web site and watch hundreds upon hundreds of people flock to your site and buy your product or service, or do you?

My advice is, forget all that push button stuff, you want a business that lasts for years to come and not just days!

So Where Do You Start?

Firstly, you need to get a presents online. Either by creating a blog or writing articles. Your prospects and people in general need to get to know you and doing one or maybe both of the above will start getting your name over the Internet.

Once people get to know you, you will soon work out what they are looking for. If not just ask (more on this in a later post).

By this time you may have some regular followers that trust you. Its these people that trust you, the same people who will bu either your products or services. Of course these will be the things they are looking for.

Just Remember.........

People need to like your, get to know you and then they will trust you. When they trust you this is the time to sell them what they are looking for.

I hope to expand on this over the coming weeks/months, so I hope you will tag along :-) .

Thanks for taking the time to ready this post, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below.

Until next time

Best regards

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