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2 years ago I started a blog. My blog pulled off pretty well in few months. As the blog grow up, it helped me come up with a creative idea for a website.

I turned the blog to a website and worked for over a year and half on it. It was my dream website, not because of the money I can make but because my project was something I am really proud off (new idea that can help others).

8 months ago, I decided to start a new website to make enough money to cover my old project expenses (It comes a time where you get stuck in a project because of money).

As my new baby website grow up pretty fast making good money, I forgot my old project, yes I even foget the website from time to time (it goes a month and two without even checking the main page).

Few days ago, I Googled one of the major keywords to find that my old website ranked pretty good on a high competitive keyword (haven't done any SEO for over 8 months). I remember what a shame. I got too distracted and too busy to remember the old project I have worked hard to get a live for over 1 and half year.

It is very easy to get distracted in IM world. The more time you spend, the more you find new ideas to make money online, the more you forgot what you wanted to do in the first place.

Now, take a moment and recall your IM Journey, and make sure you are in the right spot for the right reasons.

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