Heads-Up ! Attempts to Breach into WP Admin Accounts

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Just a heads-up to fellow warriors.

For the past 3 weeks, there were several unauthorized attempts to access my WP Admin accounts on several sites.

The w@nkers were using username "ADMIN" in their brute-force attempts. So far they failed because of certain preventive and safety measures I've installed. But I wouldn't know for how long my WP sites can withstand from such assaults.

However, based on my monitoring, the w@nkers are newbies who just found new tools to have fun with. And if they managed to breach the Admin, they can wreak havoc and waste my time to recover from their nuisance.

If anyone else here need some basic guidelines on how to secure sites or recover from any nuisance with free tools, I have it here on my WF Blog.

Maybe you can update it with more points in your comments.

We need to help each other against these w@nkers.
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